Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ruched Bedspread

My sewing/decor/DIY queen of a sister is helping me sew a bedspread.

I have been telling her she needs to set up her own blog named, Sara-who-DIYs a-lot. I can't even count how many beautiful and practical things she has made for her house and for every friend she has. (She has many friends!)

Back to the bedspread: we are copying an Anthro beauty.

I came upon this idea somewhat accidently. I had discovered by accident that I owned a wool duvet. You know, wool that a sheep provided - not by accident.

Anyway, this wool duvet (not the sheep) was washed in my washing machine, which is generally not the right thing to do. It came out looking all shrunk, and RUCHED! . Then, for some reason, days later, it was sitting on my bed, when I noticed it somewhat looked like it was a ruffled or "ruched" blanket, so I arranged it as a quilt, and voila!, the idea was born.

So now we are sewing one. We're using vintage 100% cotton sheets that we found at Value Village, Salvation Army and Goodwill.  And, as my previous post mentioned, it's NOT finished! The only thing left to do now is the backing. Whoohoo! 
This will be a big part of transforming the master bedroom. Closet will have to be next...or maybe the shelf above our bed...our maybe the night stands...or maybe my pathetic cleaning habits...

Have a great day!