Thursday, November 24, 2016

November in my unPlanner Part 01

Hello all

I have had some fun in my unPlanner again with a new colour palette: blues, greys, whites, blacks. We have full-fledged winter temps and snows up here in Canada, and I feel that suits my journal. :)

To discover other unPlanner ideas and see the project challenges and themes, sign up for The Documented Life Project 2016- The unPlanner at the Art to the 5th Academy or see the blog HERE.

The first part I've done is make the divider, and below is a photo of it open. 

This was my project for my StencilGirl Creative Team post over at the StencilGirl blog. To see my step-out tutorial, check it out HERE.

I enjoy the depth of this piece, using blue-black and varying shade of grey. 

If I had to sum up one thing I've learned from art journaling this year, it would be this: create depth with varying shades of colour!

Photo below, page on left, is a page from the unPlanner kit. The photo after this one, you see the other side of that page completely covered with black paint. I will do the same here. Page on right is my prepared pages for the rest of the month, where I journal daily.

A process pic of decorating the pre-made pocket page. Of course, StencilGirl stencils were used. ;) The "ladder" at the top part is a club stencil by MaryBeth. See it HERE. The "snowman" is from a stencil with three varied sized ovals. See the stencil HERE. The other stencils used are THIS and THIS 6x6 stencil.

I circled the part below to show you which part of the large stencil I used. :) More photos to come in my next blog post when I have the pocket pages complete. That's my plan, anyway.

Photo below is one of the items in that pocket. I painted a tag white, then glued photos to it. 

I discovered a fun app called Prisma, and spent too many hours playing with it! It transforms photos into different styles of art with filters. My favourite filter is the Wave and Candy. I discovered it from Miranda, through her weekly project called the 18/52 Art Journal Project

Scroll to bottom of post to see two more photos of my unPlanner.
The second photo on the tag is of my son and his silver velour cape.

Here are some more photos I tweaked. :) I might include a few of these in my unPlanner as well.

Before, of our tree in our front yard:

After, using the Wave filter:

Candy filter


After, with the Wave filter again.

Before, our shortcut through the trees to the mailboxes.


Before, some of the roses in my garden:

Before, photo of the brayered backgrounds I used for my August unPlanner pages:


This last one is giving me ideas of painting backgrounds! Need to try!

Spent a good half hour driving around in the country yesterday, taking photos of the beautiful scenery around us. 

This altered version reminds me of some famous painter...but I can't remember who!

Well, it was fun to share what is happening in my unPlanner! I'm looking forward to making the PACs and the fun List10 this month. Hope I inspired you to work in your unPlanner or other artjournals!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

Thursday, November 17, 2016

October 2016 unPlanner Final Pages

Hi, peeps! I'm back with my final October pages in my unPlanner.

For more information on the unPlanner project, visit Art to the 5th Academy. It's an art journal project with monthly themes and weekly prompts. :)

I had one empty spot left on the left from my daily journaling , so I filled it with similar images and colours as the rest of my pages. Dots, circles, squares, and then more shapes on top of that, stenciled, seems to be my go-to this month. 

For the right side, I made a pocket again to house the PACs. I used a kraft envelope, cut down. See my other version of this style pocket HERE. The pocket is decorated with various shades of greens and yellow through THIS stencil. Added the same pretty yellow trim as I did last time and a strip of black and white patterned paper.

For the spine, I used Carolyn Dube's Circles Layer Me stencil, adding doodles with paint pens.

Much to see here. Scroll down for closer-ups.

Peeking out behind the PACs, are small pieces of paper I decorated with paint, tucked into page protectors.

Here is the other side:

This features a black tag that came with the unPlanner kit.

I just starting stenciling with some older StencilGirl club stencils on a black tag without planning the overall look, just adding colour and shapes with the stencil. Such versatile designs! This particular stencil has circles and squares, and loopy lines, giving you options you might never have thought on your own!  I added more stenciling in different colours, smooshed some paint on, covered one area with another stencil, added another stencil over that, some finger painting, more stenciling, add paint dots, attempt some "shadowing", and on and on. :) 

My favourite part of this whole tag? The ovals I made pop with shadowing! 

Another favourite part is the lower right area, where grid outlines float above loopy darker areas. I'm learning so much about layering. I find that I don't see the magic until I have looked at it quite some time.  

Adding dots with different coloured paint pens makes everything pop too.

I can't leave circles out, so added one over a spot that I didn't like.

Next I looked through an old book (turned into an art journal), searching for some words that fit my mood or thoughts at the moment. Looking back, I wish I had left out the "proud" part. 

I still had some dyed silk ribbon left over from March when I used a similar colour scheme in my unPlanner. Loving that look!

And a pic of the envelope empty.

Mini Diagonalz stenciled in with dark green paint over a gelliprinted text paper backs the envelope front where the PACs sit.

A purple punched out piece sits all proudly on the back of the black tag, visually "separating" the background from the pocket page.

My PACs: I decided to not do some of the challenges this month, instead concentrating on more of the journaling; I just did two of them.

Moon and cityscape:
Week 43 challenge was to repeat a pattern. I did several repeats of pattern here, like I usually do, so a very easy challenge to do. :)

Driv'n by the spheres - perfectly fits me, don't you think? :) This challenge was to start with a doodle. I found a piece of watercolour paper in my stash with some of these doodled circles, left over from the 2014 DLP project, so I cut it to the PAC size, and voila! The diamond doodled paper top left I cut out from a previous ICAD project I started, but never completed.

The challenge for this PAC was to hide something, so my "hidden" part are the multiple layers I covered up in the process of coming up with something I liked. LOL. The loopy flowers and the tiny circles is from a stamp set by Rae Missigman, called Boxy Blooms.

The next pages feature my Monthly Pocket Pics, consisting of favourite photos of the month of October.

A ruffle made with ribbon, painted, then sewn on to page protector.

The green area, in photo above, bottom right area, was stenciled with THIS cool stencil. So fun. I never would have thought up those kind of shapes myself! 

And there it is. October is done and documented. :)

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Thanks for stopping by!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥