Monday, April 8, 2013

Some of My Crochet Projects

Hi everyone! Long time no blog post! New post, new header. What do you think? I designed the chevron paper, the crochet flower, the rose brush, and the doodled flourish. :)

Since my last entry I've moved, started crocheting and done all sorts of projects with my kids. We're learning about the Eastern Hemisphere right now. Fascinating stuff. The kids really enjoy it!

Why oh why did I start another hobby? My media console in the living room is full of yarn! Oopsie. :P

My post is about some of my crocheting projects either in progress or finished. Here are some of them:

I got inspired by a gorgeous image I found on Pinterest. You can see the pic at Moxie Fab World. She actually had it posted for a paper craft challenge, but I used the color scheme for a crochet project. :) Made a bunch of pretty flower motifs. (Which, by the way, I am not finished.  Made lots of the flowers in all the yummy colors. :)) Not sure what to do with these lovely things. 
A purse? 
An afghan? 
A pillow? 
Yarn bombing? :)

Created a cushion cover using sock monkey colors: grey, grey and white twill, red, and white. The pattern is by Priscilla Hewitt called Circle of Friends. :) Now who to give it to? Maybe my Mom. No pic of finished product, as I need to make a pillow form for it. It doesn't fit a standard size pillow, so can't just go out and buy one.
Okay, I DO finish some things! Another project was a huge chevron afghan! Here it is in progress:

My first scarf every made: A Triangle Cowl by Eleven, a pattern I found on Etsy. :) Used a yellow wool blend. Love it. Sorry, cannot seem to get a good photo with proper lighting of the thing!
Started one in a green too, but ran out of yarn, so waiting for it to be back in stock. The yarn is a sports-weight Bamboo Silk. It's a pleasure to work with!
Lastly, I am creating two pairs of boot cuffs for a friend of mine. This one is colorful and the other pair will be a grey.

My twin and I crocheted a lot during the winter months. Our first language is Plautdietsch (Mennonite Low German), and we kinda want to keep the language going, but we don't get together regularly with others who speak the same, so we are slipping really badly, reverting to English way too often! To help motivate the kids and ourselves, we played a game. Everybody chose a yarn color, made ten bracelets of each, and placed them on our wrist. Each time you caught someone speaking English instead of PD, you could take one of their bracelets. My middle kid, the competitive kid, won the game. My youngest refused to even speak after awhile. He has a really hard time with it.

Well, so long, until next time. (My scrapbooking hobby is a bit side-lined right now. But I'm sure I'll get back in the groove eventually. )