Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Windows of My Mind

At first, the current challenge of this journaling prompt didn't speak to me, but after seeing so many wonderful interpretations, I got inspired.

This is week 43 of The Documented Life Project 2015 - The Journal. If you are unfamiliar with this great art journaling community, do check it out HERE! :)

I got these awesome new stencils (with a grid theme) in my mail box from Stencil Girl's Stencil Club, and had to try them out! :) 

Windows within windows and lettering you can't read. That's my brain most of the time: to borrow that saying about a woman's brain is like having too many tabs open on the computer - too many windows open, and with my speech impediments (mostly just obvious to me) , I find it hard to process properly what I'm trying to say. Yup, going with that. LOL. 

I started with four colors of squares, then I had this brilliant idea of gessoing over everything to add dimension. I did that, regretted it, then tried to duplicate the same thing over again. Yes, a make-work project. LOL So, above photo is what the first layout looked like. Wasn't crazy fond of how I worked the black Stabilo All pencil.


For the squares, I blended in over the first set of squares stenciled with acrylic paint with similar Gelato colors, ensuring the majority of the color landed in the lower left corner of each square. When dry, I added stenciling with acrylic paint, and finished with a few white dots on each big square.

Black Stabilo All around each square, scribbly frames with gel pens in matching colors for the squares. For the text on the right, I used Stencil Girl's previous month's club stencils with black paint. Ancient lettering, is what that stencil is called. 

This set of stencils has the cutest little designs to fit the grids, and I thought, wow, windows within windows! This will work perfectly with the current prompt. I ditched the glassine, and just went with the journaling prompt this time. Totally allowed, right? :) 

And that's that. :)

Also on my table, many, many gelli prints in the works. If you follow me on Instagram, you might notice I'm on a huge aubergine (a.k.a. eggplant) kick. Everything's purple, including my new board of 90+ pins called Aubergine. Check that out HERE if you want. Teehee. #sorrynotsorry

Yummy ombres!!

For the "Oh, what fun"words I used as a mask, I cut out the words from last year's Starbucks packaging I had saved all this time. I like. More ombre. I am eagerly awaiting a new Traveler's Journal from The Foxy Fix, called Pixie Dust, and it's got these yummy colors. I am seriously inspired by that color scheme and the ombre look! I hope to make notebooks for it with these gelli prints.

This stencil by Traci Bautista called Deconstructed Florals from Stencil Girl make me so happy! (And kraft paper!) 

Well, I'll call that a wrap. Have a great day, art peeps!!! Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate it!