Friday, June 9, 2017

Pop-Up Journal Challenge Day 1/10 and Day 2/10

I have started the prompts for the Pop-Up Journal Challenge by Roben-Marie Smith.

Prompt 1/10: We ______what we want. 

While I was decorating this page, I contemplated what we as frail human beings often want. The thing that came to my mind is how we might not always really know what we want, and other times, we do, but later find out that is not what we really needed. Our heart can be deceiving sometimes. We all want to be happy, but we need to use our brains to determine the right path, and as a Christian, I want to really listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

His way is always right for me. It takes faith; tenacity and intentionality to hold onto that truth.

So, here is the first page in my journal. To make one yourself, check out the class, 

If you do purchase the class, you get the bonus of Roben-Marie's videos on how she completed each of the ten challenges. Whoot! They're amazing.

So here is my after photo of the completed prompt:


The right side is a kraft paper bag sewn into a pocket,
petal-like pencil scribbles around each circle sticker,
outlined with a green gel pen.

I really loved the look of the page as is, but I wanted to add more, as of course, that is what this journaling challenge is about. So I just decided to let loose and start playing with paint. 

I used the new Pam Carriker StencilClub stencils I received in the mail and simply placed it in one of my favorite spots on the page, and sponged in. I was happy with that!

Added some swipes of aqua and pink, 
add some whiteness to the eye, 
stenciled in some texture further below, 
cut out a flower that my daughter had painted, 
glued to page, 
smudged some color, 
made orange dots, 
add the quote, 
edge with some black paint and white dots, 
and all was done.

Oh, and pretty washi tape on the lower edge... :)

I also added pretty washi on the left side of the white spine in middle. See first photo.

Prompt 2/10: Hello, I am _____.

Before pic: I forgot to take one of the whole spread. Grrr...but I did take a peek shot:


I had put in a page of a magazine with lots of purple flowers and of a gorgeous colourful skirt. I painted over the areas I didn't want shown, swiping paint with fingers.

For the right side of the layout, I have a gorgeous gelliprint. I added stenciling, dots, and swipes of paint.

Travel by Color: I figure this title fit in perfectly with the prompt. 

"Hello, I'm in a colourful world."

To see my post of my handmade journal I premade for this challenge, see HERE.

Have a great day!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥