Friday, August 15, 2014

My handmade Journal for DLP

Some of you have been asking how I made my DLP journal. Here goes:

I used Canson 15x11" 140lb watercolor paper, with each sheet folded in half.

To prepare my journal for binding, I used this method: How to Make a Sketchbook: Coptic Stitch.

To bind all the pages, I plan on doing this: Coptic Stitch Binding Tutorial

The only reason I haven't bound it yet is because I haven't taken the time! In hindsight, this is better for working in, because even though the Coptic Stitch binding method gives me a lay-flat binding, I won't have to wrestle with trying to have a flat surface to work on. As the book gets thicker and thicker, the more I'd get frustrated with an uneven surface. To work on my pages, I just grab one month at a time. I do wish every now and then that my book was all intact, especially to carry it around and when people want to see it. :)

My daughter and I made a video where I page through my pages, showing each signature and some more little details. Nothing grand or professional looking about the video, but it'll give you an idea of my set up. :P At about 1:20, I show the folded pieces of watercolor pages.

My bubbles page:

Watercolor paper
Neocolor II water-soluble wax crayons
Black marker, fine-tipped (I used Sharpie)
White paint pen (I used Painters)


1. With the wax crayons, randomly color different circles, pressing hard, and then softly coloring in the middles. Cover the whole page with multiple colors, not paying too much attention to placement, as long as you don't leave huge gaps in between circles.

2. Wet brush, dissolve the color in the circles, focusing on allowing water to pool to one side of each circle. Try to collect the color in the same spots of each circle. Let brush touch the dark outlined part of each circle to bring in lots of vivid color into the circle. Let dry THOROUGHLY.

3. Outline each circle with the black marker, attempting to not touch the actual circle. Doodle another circle around the first one, being careful to not overlap the other circles. So some circled outlines will be behind others, depending how close the circles are to each other. Do it randomly, in no particular order. I started at the bottom, and kind of moved to the top, to the edge, but really no particular order. Important that you keep it random.

4. Color in the little gaps with black.

5. Add dots to each circle with the white paint pen, ensuring you add the dots to the same side of each circle. I painted them all on the right side, but it doesn't matter which side you choose, as long as they are consistently on one side. See photo. Let dry.

And you're done! Easy peasy, just a little time consuming, right?


Haha, looking at the close-up, I noticed I missed a few areas with the white paint pen. Perfectionism kills creativity, I will just say. ;P

Let me know if I missed any details, and I love questions!
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Something From My Garden

I felt the need to beautify my blog with my favorite flower photos of this summer. Here goes. :)

My peony plant looked absolutely spectacular in the evening light. Can't get over it. So many varying shapes and colors! Granted, I did add a slight Instagram filter to it, but it looks almost exactly as my eye perceived it. Honest. :P

Sigh. And this one. I am looking-looking-looking for the specific variety of this beauty, but have had no luck so far. I bought the plants (three of them) off my nephew's girlfriend this spring. So happy I did! Each bloom is not more than than two and a half inches across. They're almost like the wild Alberta Rose, but with an extra set of petals, and white and palest pink from inside. The bud is a bright pink, but when they open, they've got this delicacy to them. :) 

Anyway, gotta run and read to my youngest. He and I are home ALONE! What to do without all that extra noise and curfuffle in our home? Loving the silence after a busy tiring day. :)

Blessings to each of my peeps. Thank you for stopping by!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A little video of how I create my DLP art journal

Some of you have been asking for a video of my process with creating my DLP journal. Here's a little bitty video I posted using Instagram. Lots to learn about video and editing before I post a longer one. LOL  

I'm working on my August pages. As you can see, my rounded squares are not perfect at all. :) See previous post of how I made my stencil.

Thanks for looking. Have a great day!