Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Art Journal Video for StencilGirl Team Tuesday

Hello, creatives! Just want to quickly pop in and let you know I have a new post up on StencilGirl Talk. See my video of creating this piece with Gwen Lafleur's beautiful stencils. :)

See here: 

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

unPlanner Pages Process Video on Youtube

I'm one of four artists on the StencilGirl Talk blog today! :)

 Each of us are sharing projects featuring great older stencils. Sometimes the older designs get lost and forgotten, as many new ones are always coming out.

See what my talented fellow team members have made HERE! :)

My post here has three parts:

1. A video of me creating two more weekly views pages and photo step-outs in my unPlanner.

2. Aug 18-20 weekly view pages

3. August 21-24 weekly view pages.

1.  unPlanner Background Prep for a Weekly View and Process Video

See HERE for information about The Documented Life Project 2016: The unPlanner! :)

Multi-layered background with finger painting, stenciling, paint brushes, etc. This is ready for my weekly view entries. I will add the dates to it with the same foam alpha stamps I used in the next pages shown.

Painting around the stitched edge was a fun departure from my usual method of my stitching designs. Loving the lines created with the stencil. Perfect to add journaling too! :)

Some of you have been asking me to record me working in my art journal, so for the first time ever, I have done so!
This is very new to me, so it's nothing fantastic. lol!
Part of being new at this, I have had some hiccups in editing my video. I included captions with explanations throughout the video, but you can't see them if you watch it on your smart phone, so if you want to see the captions, watch on a  desktop, laptop or tablet.

 I'd love to hear from you, letting me know you've watched it, as uploading, editing, even the preparation -  is a lot of work! If you enjoyed it, affirmation would be very encouraging to me!
 Thank you! ♥

I have been trying to catch up with my unPlanner pages, and I find using stencils is a fast way of creating something beautiful.

2. Aug 18-20 Weekly View Pages

 For this month, I am going with watercolour paper by Canson for my pages. I've missed using watercolours lately. So for the weekly views (left side on above page), I sewed around the edges, then added the watercolouring with the cute fat little Stabilo Woody crayons. 

Stamped the numbers with the same foam stamp set as the above pages.

Added white dots to echo page on right. 

Loving the funky stitching!
And the textures of facing page! #lovemesomecloseups

Going In Circles Art Journal page

And here is the step-out: 

Remember these brayered backgrounds from this post? Well, I had an extra one left over, so I used it as the start for the above page.

The colours used are the same ones as the first journal page, demonstrated in the video:

Americana acrylic craft: Bahama Blue, Sunny Day and Vivid Violet
Martha Stewart satin: Fuchsia, Snow Pea, Granny Smith and Purple Yam
Deco Art white

The backgrounds are double-sided, so I chose my favourite side.

I used the Spinners stencil by Terri Stegmiller.

White through the stencil, then various colours just in the middle. I placed the stencil down randomly, instead of just leaving the stencil in it's grid-like pattern.

White dots with paint pen in all the open areas.

Vivid Violet paint around the outside of each "circle".

Bahama Blue and Fuchsia next.

Magnetic Poetry foam letter stamps with black ink for the title.

Journaling my thoughts in pencil in all the open areas. The exercise of writing down my thoughts clarifies issues I had on my brain and in my heart. I wrote illegibly, so it remains private.

Stitched around the whole page, choosing three areas where I did some funky stitching.

Black Stabilo All pencil for some very light shadowing around the circles and in the "pie" centers.

3. August 21-24 Weekly View Pages.

I mentioned earlier that the brayered backgrounds are double-sided. I used the same stenciling techniques on this page, except I left the stencil design down, not picking it up to move it, so the circles form a grid pattern. I added a few more layers in the middles on this one, and with a slight different focus of colours, but still the same ones as above.

Pink dots on this one with same brand of paint pen. (Daler Rowney)

For the daily view on right, I used acrylic paint watered down as the watercolour crayons looked too pastel.

I outlined the black stamped numbers with a black gel roller pen.

And there are some August pages in my unPlanner. I hope to post the early August pages when I get them finished.

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August Pages in my unPlanner

Finally getting somewhere with my August pages in my unPlanner!

See HERE for more information about the unPlanner project! :)

For page on left: 
I bought a huge pad of cheap kraft paper pad and use it for underpaper, which makes for great starts to art journal pages and for other mixed media projects!

I'm still elbow deep in the paint and paper I used for the brayered backgrounds project a few weeks ago. See the StencilGirl blog and a previous post. During the making of the video, the kraft paper I used as underpaper got deliciously full of paint. That was the basis of this page, and of course STENCILS! Specifically, Rae Missigman's newest line over at StencilGirl! :) 

Pickleweed Mini stencil for the vines coming down from above and the leaves on the rose. 

Seaside Lavender Mini stencil for the "sun rays". 

finger painted rose

Glitter and regular Sharpie extra-fine tipped paint pens for the doodling on the leaves, 
on the "sun" and the dots.

The binder ring background is a leftover piece of the brayered backgrounds. 

Funky stitching on watercolour paper, then diluted paint for the weekly view.

Magnetic Poetry foam alpha stamps for the numbers.

Doodled around the stamped numbers, the days of the week names and the reinforcements with an Identipen marker.

Painted the reinforcements to add more colour.

See HERE for my other unPlanner posts. 

Having a great time in my unPlanner!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Join me at Creative Team Tuesday on StencilGirl Talk

Hi, all! I am a day late, but I am on the StencilGirl Talk blog with a new project using brayers and stencils. So fun! 

Backgrounds galore.

Four time-lapse videos of me creating this purple and blue set, start to finish. :)

Steps on how I used stencils to create cards that fit in a little box.

To see my process and to learn what I am using these cards for, visit

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

December Daily Album Part 2

Hi, everyone! :)

okaaaaayyyyy. before you think I've gone off the deep end, making something Christmas-related in July, I must say that this project I am about to show you is a continuance ofthe StencilGirl/Imagine Crafts Christmas in July blog hop yesterdayyyyy....okay?  :) :) :)

I have been having so much fun prepping my December Daily journal. I want it ready for quick documenting in December.
My previous post
describes much of it, but in this post, I will include three things:

1. Give you more details on how I made the book.

2. Show you a few of the pages I've prepared, including some step by step photos.

3. TWO videos: a before and after flip-through.

Book Assembly

I used the same method as the first book I ever made. Here: My Coptic Stitch Bound DLP Journal
and here: My Handmade Journal for DLP.

For the front and back cover, I simply used one of the gelliprints. I didn't explain this in my previous post, but of the 15 sheets of cardstock I gelliprinted, three of them are coldpress watercolour paper. I folded one of the watercolour prints and glued it shut, doing the same for both front and back. This creates a bit stronger cover. Note: you might want to use a stiffer and thicker substrate, like chipboard and decorate however you want.

I learned the coptic stitch method from these videos:
How to Make a Sketchbook: Coptic Stitch

and the assembly from this one:
Coptic Stitch Binding Tutorial by Sea Lemon.

Keep in mind that it requires practice to get perfect results. I don't mind that my book isn't perfect bound. It adds whimsy. ;) In fact, if you watch my video flip-throughs, the book is quite wobbly and loose.


For the ribbon I simply cut a 24"length of sheer ribbon, hand-dyed, opened the book to the middle, threaded one end through the second and the other end through the second last coptic stitch, pulled both ends through, and tied a bow on the outside spine. :)

 Inside Pages

Since I first printed each sheet of paper front and back, then folded the papers and sewed the book "signatures" together, the design of each two-page spread don't exactly work together, left to right, so I will alter each page so they coordinate, as I like the look of unified pages.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Day 1 and Day 2


Looking at the spread above, I make observations:

Red on left, lots of pink on right. No turquoise on left side.

My eye demands that I need to have a visual triangle of colours and images spanning the two pages.


1. I smoosh some pink paint on left side, covering up more of the white area at the top.
2. Another turquoise flower on the left, using THIS GORGEOUS STENCIL and for the third element, I add some of the turquoise paint on top left corner with a stencil (of course;) ). There. Now I have three places with turquoise. :)

Circles, same thing. Date circles (uneven - asymmetrical) and the circle cluster at the bottom right. :)

For the circles, I punch out circles from an old Christmas craft book, paint with some color, stencil, glue to page, doodle with white gel pen, and draw the number on an old painted book paper and cut out. Add some shadowing with black Pitt marker and black Stabilo All pencil. 

I made this cluster of circles after watching Rae Missigman's latest video on StencilGirl Talk. She paints very loosely and she also uses pencil to add more detail marks, so I do the same. I love her loose and carefree style!

I start with four various-sized white circular smudges. Then I add purple smudges with a Silks acrylic glaze, then apply the marvelously fun Amplify Neon by Imagine Crafts, brushing it with some golden metallic paint. Lastly, some turquoise dots, white gel pen and pencil squiggles.

I looked at this lily stencil and thought it looked close enough to a poinsettia. A modern and funky twist on a traditional Christmas flower. :) I first stencil with white paint to make it pop from the red background, then with the turquoise (Americana Bahama Blue craft paint). Next, I add dots with Golden Fluid Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine) paint. To finish it off, I made some loose marks around the petals with a brush and white paint.

Day 3 and Day 4



I love the blocking the 6x6 Decorative Folk Flower Screen stencil achieved.

I like the contrast of the turquoise thread in the middle (messy stitching of the signatures).

The dark green on lower right makes the whole spread unbalanced, as there is no other spot with that colour value.

Too much white around the whole spread.

The gold chevron washi tape is there because I pulled the thread through the paper too tightly while binding the signatures. LOL. An oopsie made pretty. Will add more gold in other places to make it look on purpose.


I feel like I have too many patterns and textures going on, which is partly from the high contrast of white and red in the middle there. When I go back to fill in my December 3rd and 4th, I will fill in more areas with solid colour. I'll probably journal and put photos in the middle, leaving only some of the lovely pattern showing in a few places. Won't see much of the grid, which I might regret...


The mini scallop shapes are made using one of the cute designs from the StencilGirl April 2016  Private Collection 16.2 club sheet.

I added more dimension to the square in middle with the Amplify stuff, further framing the square in middle.

The filigree design is stenciled with the Decorative Filigree Ornament Stencil by Gwen LaFleur. 

December 16 (I skipped to this page in my book, as I had ideas for this page. :)



That big swath of pink in middle left will need to be toned down.

More turquoise on left to balance the amount on right.

I will need to go off the page on right with a similar colour value as the image on top left corner.


Step-out picture below:

I apply that lily stencil again to top right, starting with white. This stencil and mask is part of a set, and they all work nicely together. 

I add pinks and purples with stencils and finger smooshing. :)

First purple, then pink mini scallops, then the funky hot pink puff balls. Christmas ornaments, right? ;)
Squiggles with pencil and white gel pen.

Here I add the puffy stuff in different shapes.
Have you seen the little video I made demonstrating this product? Here it is:

Pink mini scallops on white edge. All so yummy and textural and colorful.

I made a little video flip-through of my pages before I added the extra embellishing and refining.

And another after:

I hope you enjoyed my very long blogging here. I am totally loving this little work in progress book! 

Don't know what I mean with a December Daily journal? Check out Ali Edwards' plan. She journals daily through the whole month of December in a scrapbooky style, with photos and journaling. I hope to include both in this journal. We'll see, though. I change my mind so much. I might just use it for fun art journaling.

Thanks for visiting! I appreciate any and all comments and questions! Bring it on!

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