Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ruched Bedspread

My sewing/decor/DIY queen of a sister is helping me sew a bedspread.

I have been telling her she needs to set up her own blog named, Sara-who-DIYs a-lot. I can't even count how many beautiful and practical things she has made for her house and for every friend she has. (She has many friends!)

Back to the bedspread: we are copying an Anthro beauty.

I came upon this idea somewhat accidently. I had discovered by accident that I owned a wool duvet. You know, wool that a sheep provided - not by accident.

Anyway, this wool duvet (not the sheep) was washed in my washing machine, which is generally not the right thing to do. It came out looking all shrunk, and RUCHED! . Then, for some reason, days later, it was sitting on my bed, when I noticed it somewhat looked like it was a ruffled or "ruched" blanket, so I arranged it as a quilt, and voila!, the idea was born.

So now we are sewing one. We're using vintage 100% cotton sheets that we found at Value Village, Salvation Army and Goodwill.  And, as my previous post mentioned, it's NOT finished! The only thing left to do now is the backing. Whoohoo! 
This will be a big part of transforming the master bedroom. Closet will have to be next...or maybe the shelf above our bed...our maybe the night stands...or maybe my pathetic cleaning habits...

Have a great day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Subway ART

Sara saw lots of subway art online, LOVED it, so she figured we could make one ourselves! 
Remember this post?
This is how the finished product looks. :) 
My favorite font is the one that spells, "peace". It's called Modern No.20. (If you care to know.)

Here's a brief summary of how we did it.

1. We designed the poster in FotoFusion.
2. Printed it at Costco. (Cost was $19.99) 
3. Trimmed it to slightly smaller than 24x36 inches.
4. Bought and cut plywood to the same size.
5. Used spray adhesive to adhere the poster to the wood.
6. Used a sander to distress and remove the glossy finish from the photo.
It hangs in my sister's main washroom.

Time to make one for myself! It will be a tall one about TABLE MANNERS for our dining room wall...
Have a great day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Custom T-Shirt of Pet

My son had to give up his pet snake. I figured a shirt in memory of it would be sweet. I just changed the background papers to a brushed look, then created a transparent background of the layout of his pet that I had done previously. Then you upload it to the site where you order the shirt. I will use CafePress, I think. Christmas gift, here I come! Here is the original layout:

Project Overload!

I have not updated in a while, as you probably know by now.
Even my twin stopped visiting me here, since nothin's new around these parts! It seems this way, I know, but in actual fact, I've done lots of stuff.
Project after project!
And maybe completed one or two.
Let me count the ways!

1. Have sorted, edited, organized, copied, printed, and other essential things you do with photos. In particular, I did one project for my sister-in-law, who lost her sweet Tomas in September of 2010. The project is unfinished at this point, as I want to put all 176 photos I "stole" from Kathy into a regular photo album. A surprise package like that in the mail would be nice, wouldn't it?

2. I designed two logos for our church's women's ministry. I really enjoyed doing that!

3. Have tried my hand at "photoshopping" a photo of my huge family. I tried to combine several photos into one, so that at least most of us looked half decent. LOL I posted the pic on facebook, not realized I had started something. (Sure glad I did!) My balding brother wanted me to draw hair on his head, but that request went a little tooo far. :)
(Okay, I guess that last part wasn't entirely accurate, but it sounded good. )

Here's my caption under the photo on Facebook: (heehee)

I'm photoshopping this picture using all the versions I have of this get-up:
I've given Grandma a new face.
Replaced all of Hannah with a different Hannah, which still needs some work.
I might cut out Ben and add one where we can see his whole face, Luke and David W, as well....any other requests?
For those of you who want to be eliminated from this photo, or you want me to remove someone you have a personal vandetta against, sorry! I don't carry out those requests. LOL

And maybe I'll make Henry taller, Elijah happier, me skinnier....LOL

And here are the comments: They crack me up EVERY TIME!

I LOVE my family! I will have to scrapbook the photo and include the comments! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty To Do List

I'm wide awake.
So I scrapbook. 
Real life here!

Reason #1 for not sleeping:

Osama Bin Laden news.

Reason #2

I'm still internalizing Steve Bell's amazing concert held tonight at my church. (Technically, it was yesterday.) Have you ever heard of this guy? If you enjoy poetry and storytelling, you will enjoy him. You gotta see!

Reason #3

I'm soaring. Jesus is in my soul!

Products Used 
Brushes: OScraps LydiaK Edgy Elegance
Fonts: David, Esat Hoxka, Harrison, Landliebe, Nymphs Handwriting, MS PMincho and Impact

I think I can sleep now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FotoFusion Template No.19

So sorry for waiting so long to provide you with another template. I've been busy with the guest book that I mentioned in the previous post. Well, I'm done, they're married, CONGRATS, JULIUS AND HOLLY! ♥ so I can share the book. (I think I can share it, I haven't asked yet, oops.) 

Back to the template, please read the instuctions that come with the download file, especially if you're having trouble with it. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions. (K, my spell check is telling me that I wrote the word, "instructions" wrong. Are you noticing something that I am not?) Oh, now I know! I missed the "R"! Duh. Happy scrapping! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding Guest Book

I am creating a guest book for my nephew's wedding. This is the mood board for the project. I want to add more damask designs, more word art and more papers, perhaps. Holly, my niece-to-be, wanted a funky, yet classy look. Does this suffice?

Products Used:
-Annawhocropsalot (me) pink rose 
-Basic Grey circle word, dove, small flourishes, circle border, cherish word art, shabby rose, and papers
-Katie Pertiet flourish with dots and scrolly flourishes at bottom
-Vinnie Pearce scatterings and pink cloud.
-FotoFusion heart mask

More details to come,

Happy creating! I'm off to a three day scrapbooking weekend crop. Can't wait! I'll be working on my middle son's 3rd year album. Hopefully I can finish it this time!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Getting Published!

I'm so excited! The digital layout will appear in the summer issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. It's one of my youngest having fun in the pool on our vacation.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scrapbooking and Canned Soup

I'm scrapbooking with my sister-in-law. Canned soup for lunch, toys everywhere, bread crumbs on the living room floor, kids watching Thomas the Tank Engine, etc, etc...we're all having a grand time. If you want food, you have to help yourself.

This LOVE canvas is on my sister's wall. Of course, I made it with my software of choice: FotoFusion.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Template 18

Well, I had another seizure, which scared my husband so much that he couldn't sleep for days. Now finally last night he could finally sleep! (The seizures occurred just as I drifted off to sleep.) My doctor has diagnosed me with Epilepsy. I've been experiencing dizziness with the anticonvulsant  medication I'm on, but surprisingly, I have more energy than usual. Go figure! I've been spending a lot of time at home, since I'm banned from driving. Hopefully that will change once I've seen the neurologist. But the up-side for this: I have more time to scrapbook! Yay!

I actually copied a sketch from a gorgeous layout I saw in Stampin' Up's Sale-a-bration catalogue for this template. 
Enjoy the template!
 If you have any design requests for templates, I'd love to hear from you! Soon I'll work on some 8.5x11 templates. Or should I do them landscape? I also want to start on some double-page spreads.  Double-page spreads are what I do the most of in my personal scrapbooking.
Good day!