Monday, February 27, 2017

In My Moleskine 2017: Week 7

Hi, fellow documenters and other creatives! 
I'm on the StencilGirl blog with my latest Creative Team post. It's my Week 7 in my Moleskine for the Life Documented 2017 Project. Check it out there!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Art Marks 30 Day Challenge Prompts 5 - 8

Hi, creatives! 

I'm sharing four more pages I created for Rae's Art Marks 30 day challenge today. Check out her blog HERE for more information if you're interesting in joining. Such a fun project and I'm learning a ton about colours, shapes, mark making, brush work, etc!

5/30 prompt: More than one.

I filled my gelliprinted background with my usual aubergine colours: Golden Fluid Permanent Violet Dark, Paynes Gray, and Carbon Black.

Next I added in subtle textures and layering with stencils. I had just received the fabulous January StencilGirl club stencils, and had to play!! Check them out HERE. The large stencil is packed with all sorts of designs, and they work great together. I stenciled with the same colours as I used in the background, giving it subtle contrasts.

I extended the flower petals built into the stencil with a paint pen, then added purplish-pink dots on top and in middle. I wish I had a process picture to show you how the flower looked before I added the paint pen.
Purple circles with more dots to add to overall design. Always circles. haha!

In above photo you can see the gelliprints layers.

I took the above photos AFTER I completed the next challenge, so you can see the next pages' eye candy on the edge...loving this little junque journal with the torn, unevenly sized pages!!!

6/30 Prompt: Gridded

I started with swaths of colour in chartreuse, yellow, violet, neon pink and the mint, applying with my fingers and a brush occasionally. 

Added grid marks with a black pen and black Stabilo All, following with paint pen in areas.

Still crushing on these flowers called Unikko (poppies), designed by Finnish designer Maija Isola. They were black, and I cut them out and used matte medium to add them to this page. I added Golden Fluid in Teal and PaperArtsy Fresco Chalk Acrylic in Mermaid to the petals and center, adding black around the edges and center, with white paint dots in a ring to finish them off. :)

I painted in the leaves with a purple paint pen.

I did use a ruler in places to create straighter lines for the grid marks.
Loving the colours and shapes of this. I was hoping more of the background would show, but it didn't end up that way, as I kept on adding more paint to get the colours and blending the way it pleased me.

7/30 Prompt: Dozens

This was an interesting experiment for me. I put a few pages of an old discarded Calvin and Hobbes comic book into this little journal, and when I turned to this spread, I was struck by the illustration, and I enjoyed the vertical orientation, and it being on the far left. I decided to make it a little feature of the final look, instead of merely being another layer. 
The dots on the right are my "dozens". The page with the dots is just a scrap piece of paper where I had tried out newly carved stamps I made during Julie Balzer's 2015 Carve December challenge. I stuck with the original amount of dots, but added more colour and detail with paint markers.

After filling some of the background with some yellow, I spritzed neon pink fabric paint and let it run.

Violet paint and some Mermaid on some areas, finished with paint dots.

The little orange marks on right edge echoes Hobbes on upper left side of spread. :)

See? He's so cute.

I added in some white gesso to the middle page at top and lower left, and then pressing in a silicone potholder with a grid pattern in it to create some texture.

Dripped more neon paint over top the gesso on top.

8/30 Prompt: Rings

I took a BEFORE photo this time! The pages started out as gelliprints.

These circles on the left are perfect for RINGS. I swish paint on with my fingers.

Added in circle outlines to the circles with a paint pen and more yellow to the middles and then added the purple dots. I used the Circles Layer Me stencil for the gelliprint design and the top area is from the Puddles stencil. 

To decrease the busy look of the gelliprint, I smooshed some pink paint with my fingers, allowing the design to peak through, then scribbled with pencil into the paint while still damp.

Splattered some neon pink fabric paint spray to both pages of the spread.

And there it is: the next four prompts done. On to prompts 9-12!

To see my first four pages and photos of the journal itself, see HERE.
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Life Documented 2017 Week 4

Hi, lovelies! 
I'm back with another project started. It's a spin-off of the last 3 years of The Documented Life Project.

Come join us on the

The first year I did this, I made my own journal, second year I used a Dylusions, third year 4 kraft binders, and this year it is the Moleskine, as demonstrated by the Art5 ladies in 2014. I have decided to try this method. We'll see how it goes. I could not make up my mind if I wanted to do it, but seeing the lovely community on the Facebook group, I wanted to join in the fun, so here I am!
A little late, as I didn't get my Moleskine shipped until the 27th (Which also happens to be on my birthday!), so I jumped right in to the present week, and then go back to fill in the first part of the year if I have the time.

So Week 4:

For the numbers: I used foam stamps, paint, paint markers, and some shadowing with the black Stabilo All pencil.

I used fine tipped paint pens by Sharpie for the journaling.

I made a tip-in, using a piece of gorgeous underpaper, and gold washi-tape for the binding.

Here it is with the flap open. 

I added memorabilia from the week. Some items were cut out from birthday cards I received.

The far right and the Moleskine page on left is a stenciled background.

Fun stencils from StencilGirl.

January 2017 Club stencils by Mary Beth Shaw for the images on the right.

March 2013 Club on left.

The pink circle art on the right is a fun art piece I had torn and cut up. It came out of an old art junque journal I work in occasionally.

My daughter made the beautiful party invite and put on a big hubaloo at my twin's house. IT WAS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. In love. In a state of euphoria of the absolute perfection my daughter and niece organized to treat us on our 40th. Many friends and family came. I will never forget. :)

Loving the gold patterned washi tape by Recollections!

The little metallic cabbage rose is cut out from a birthday card.

Swirls of the finger to create the rose, paint dots in places, a little bit of brush-work for the leaves, and it's done!

Many layers went into this piece, and it started as my underpaper! Here is a pic of how it originally looked:

I didn't do the challenge this week, but we'll see what I can come up with next week.

And there's a quick summary of my week 4. Looking forward to documenting Week 5. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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