Thursday, March 31, 2016

March in my unPlanner

My unPlanner pages for March. Totally new color scheme for March. Greens and yellows to welcome in spring!! 

Want to know more about this unPlanner concept? Check out the Art5 blog for heaps of info! It's so worth it! 

I used a beautiful lily stencil by Traci Bautista from Stencil Girl for the page on the left. I started with layers of green and yellow swishes of hand painting, layered the mask down to add yellow color, then put down the stencil part of the lily stencil set, using a different yellow, and several layers later, I have this. White is always an addition to make it shine. 

The lily piece is on the top of the watercolor tip-in, and it opens to reveal my doodled calendar.

For the weekly view, I stenciled with gesso and flourescent Golden yellow high flow paint, Washi tape edge, yellow feathery fabric trim on top, and the MARCH in calligraphy using a waterbrush.

I masked off the page and colored in a transparent layer of light brown for my day journaling spots, and of course, adding my book text circles punched out from book paper, and coloring in with a few Inktense colours.

Week One of March PAC is adding splatters. I put down water on watercolor paper, then added the Nuance watercolor pigments.

Swirled with water in a circular fashion while pigment is still wet. Then added splatters of Golden High Flow acrylic flourescent yellow paint.

Stitched some of the satin ribbon I dyed from the unPlanner kit into a ruffle shape, added a bow with the same ribbon, stitched all around the card with metallic green thread, and voila, PAC done. 

Week 2 weekly view, I used  Traci's Bautista's lily series again and the circular shapes are from her Tropical Floral stencil.

A view of the facing page. I stitched a pocket, altering a unPlanner kit pocket page protector for my Week 1 PAC. Messy green stitching again, which always makes me smile! 
I love how Rae Missigman uses her dyed ribbon, so I sewed a ruffle with them in an arch to hide the white area of the back of my March title, grouped together with some fun old Basic Grey patterned paper, and a leaf cut out of an old dictionary. The 'fun and laughter" is cut from my old junque journal, and I think it fit perfectly here. 
Stitched the pocket and the other elements to dyed burlap to tie it all together. 

I dig the background kraft paper with the zentangle squares in the neon green!

Thanks for visiting! I gotta finish March so I can start April. April is t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w! I cannot quite believe we're so far into the year already! 

♥♥♥ Anna ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

February unPlanner Flip-through

Hello, lovelies! Time for another blog post. I have a video flip-through of my February unPlanner pages. Whoot! Please forgive my funny speech and the rambling...but I did it. I spoke during the video. It's my first, so please be kind?  ;) 

For more information of this unPlanner project, visit the Art to the 5th website HERE! :)

 My calender is full of yummy doodles for the month. I ♥♥ it! 

An update for week three with my journaling is next. 

Yummy stencil called Tropical Floral by Traci Bautista at Stencil Girl is used through out these pages. Check the stencil out here!

I cut down one of the page protectors in the kit and sewed all around, closing it off. Home to two of the PACS. 

PAC Week 7: Use shades of one color. I tried to make marks like the talented Rae Missigman, and I am happy with it! The ribbon is fusible web tape. LOL

Stencils, painting, marks, yummy!

PAC Week 9, Add a tiny photo: I stitched a grid, added some pink paint, then a watercolored by Rae Missigman, a sweet peony pic I took during the summer, and stitched to page. I miss those blooms. I printed it on cardstock papers, and it's really tiny! Lastly, a little quote from a package of word strip stickers by Simple Stories, The ribbon is painted bias tape.

Last week of February

For week 8, a PAC depicting gratitude, I wrote up some happy memories of my childhood for my background, then added the other elements. I shared a story about my childhood on my Facebook with a photo, so now I printed it off and included it in the monthly pocket picks. 

Another spread of pocket pics.

The PAC on the right is for Week 6: Incorporate thread or floss.

Lastly, my video!

I am thrilled with how my unPlanner is turning out.

Thanks so much for visiting, and have a blessed day!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

Friday, March 11, 2016

Leaves, Mountains and a Hat in my 18/52 Project

 Hi, fellow creatives! I'm having fun playing along with the 18/52 Journal prompts. This is a free art journaling project hosted by the lovely Miranda Banks at Clare Plantation. Check it out here!  

You pick 18 supplies and create one page a week using only 18 items of your choosing for three months. After the three months are over, you select another 18, and use only those for another three months. You do this two more times, until you have 52 pages over the course of the whole year. So fun!

So I've completed eight of the prompts. Today I'm sharing number 6, 7 and 8. I blogged the first 5 early February. See that post HERE.

I'm still going strong with my "Aubergine" color series. Not tired of the colors yet!

Week 6 prompt was LEAVES. I was inspired by an illustration by Eloise Ranouf called Leaf Blocks.

I loaded up my round 6" Gelli Plate with paint in my color palette: deep violet, hot pink and black. I also added white gesso. Using the two stencils from my kit, I made several layers on a paper from my junque journal (an old Reader's Digest book). Then I doodled the leaves with the white Uniball Signo pen, cut them out in rounded rectangles and glued them onto a painterly background in my unPlanner. 

For Week 7, the prompt was MOUNTAINS. I was inspired by a woven rug I found on Pinterest. I adore all those colors mixed with each other, so I went to work finger painting. So fun. I painted many layers, waiting things to partially dry in between layers, but sometimes not, allowing the colors to blend. See the rug that gave me the idea HERE. I just used the paint and gesso for this page. These diamonds/squares on an angle/triangular peaks are what I call mountains. LOL I am allowed to use this prompt very loosely, I think. That's the beauty of art journaling prompts: I will not get tested or graded on how I do this. 

Here it is in my unPlanner.

Week 8, the Prompt was HAT. I was looking for a creative way to use this stencil.

It's this stencil, nicely "loaded" with the paint! I found the quote in the old Reader's Digest book I use as an art journal.

The stencil brought an image to mind of a lady with flowers piled high on her head, and lo, the quote! I happened upon it quite by accident, leafing through my old book! It goes perfectly!! Looking some more through the book, I found an image of a lady to use. She's sad. Must be the flowers weighing her down. I cut her out, and glued it to a page in my unPlanner. Next I placed down the stencil, using the palette knife to add the 3D Gel medium through the stencil, randomly adding the gel through the stencil in a "hat" shape. I let it dry, then started adding color. The flowers didn't look "flowery" enough, so I hand painted some flowers and leaves too. I added more details with the white gel pen, I kept on adding more paint to the background. Loving the textures!!

I blotted out a few words from the little quote with black paint, then adding the right wording with the gel pen.

And there she is!

Next three prompts I need to do are STAMP, FOREST and MOON. Maybe you'll see a post about them soon. :)

Thanks for visiting!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

unPlanner Pages Week 3

Hi, lovelies! Just quickly sharing my The Documented Life Project 2016 - The unPlanner Week 3 pages and Week 4 in progress. So fun to do this. So many art techniques to practice on these sheets of kraft paper. Playing with color, shapes, stencils, finger painting, yummy yummy.

I printed the weekly view (which is one of the downloads I printed that you receive when you sign up!) using a sheet from a huge patterned paper pad I purchased. It is all thin kraft paper, printed with neon colors on the front, blank in the back, making it perfect for printing my weekly views, as my printer does not take regular cardstock.

I painted circles in my color scheme of aqua, teals, flourescent pink, deep violet and white.Then, I spied my new stencil: Tropical Floral Stencil by Traci Bautista from Stencil Girl. Super versatile stencil. See it HERE. This stencil is superb. As I play with it, look at all the different shapes, it somehow just gives just the right shapes I need at the moment. I made several layers, creating clusters along the edges and corners. I hand painted the edges with the same paint. I added my FB memory snippets and then some of the goings-on in our present day.

Facing page of my weekly view is a page I created inspired by an illustration by Eloise Ranouf called Leaf Blocks.

I need to do a month's worth of PACs yet, and I'm really looking forward to working on them, but as of now, they must wait to be blogged about. ;)

Oh, the lists as well. No hurry, no stress, just do it when I can, correct? :)

February's theme was Leaping Without Hesitation". I wrote about how I hesitate in certain relationships to be my true self. The dancing girl is a stencil I made from an art piece I had made years ago in memory of my niece Genevieve 

who is dancing without hesitation in heaven. 

I miss her so. I long for paradise, for leaping without fear of anything, oh how I long for that day to be with my Savior. Meanwhile I will rejoice and revel in this great mystery here on earth. Great joy, great joy. Do YOU know this joy?

I picture her amongst the sweetest beauty and aroma of flowers, all dancing with her. My dancing Fifa-girl. She passed away just three days shy of her 16th birthday, ten years ago. I just cannot believe it's been that long, and yet, her memory is fading, which is how this temporal place works here on earth. It grieves me that I'm losing that sense of her.

The little flowers within the bubbles are made with the same stencil I used for the weekly view. The skewed black letters (and on the spine of the weekly view, on right) were stamped with an old Stampin' Up background stamp.

Again, I used that stencil for the floral shapes here. 

For the watercoloring areas, I used Lindy's Stamp Gang dye powders called Magicals. Fun product. :) They are designed by Limor Webber, and I get to attend her art classes this September in my city!!!! Can't waiiiiiiitttt! See HERE for more information if you are somewhat local to me!! Would love to meet you and play together with our paints!! Now this is page is ready to be filled in. I have my notes ready. :) 

So glad you came to visit! Bless you all!

♥♥♥ Anna ♥♥♥