Monday, April 16, 2012

8.5x11 FF Template No.22

For those of you who work with 8.5x11 layouts, here is Template No.22 in that size.
Click below for a safe instant download.
Happy Day to you!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Template No.22

Some of you like 11x8.5 sized layouts, so for layout No.22, I've created both. The 12x12, shown below has more elements and more papers, with the center the same as the 11x8.5.

Next, is the 11x8.5. As you can see, this is exactly like the one above, minus the outer area.

Below is the layout I made templates from.

I home educate, so my kids don't get the yearly school photo, so I have fun taking my own. I am happy with how Liam's photos turned out this year. Often I get the eyes in shadow so you can't see their color, but this time it was much better. :)

I love the paint splats.

But most specially, I LOVE the subject: dear Liam. Happy-Go-Lucky, content Liam. Liam who is just proud to be himself. No hurry to be someone he's not. No hurry to talk, no hurry to read, heck, no hurry to even memorize his ABCs. He's so very different from his older siblings. I love him to pieces. Oh, did I mention he loves cuddling? His favorite things are Cars, Nathaniel, Daddy, sleeping in late and chocolate. :) Oh, and he loves to cuddle. :)

Products Used:
Papers, and brads, washer, bracket, number, paint "mess": Michelle Martin Mischief Maker
White paint below picture: Michelle Martin Little Boy Blue
Fonts: Cheri, Bodini Poster and Century
Templates: my own: AWCAL Template No.22

 I actually started the layout by creating an 11x8.5 layout, saving it as a JPEG, and then dragging it onto a 12x12 canvas, and adding a few elements. Here is the layout using the11x8.5 template:

One neat trick/tool in FotoFusion I like to use is the Frame Splitter. See THIS TUTORIAL to see how I do that. Works great to quickly add more spots for more photos, perfectly alligned. So, instead of using just one photo, I can use several, lickety "split". Here's that version:

For the 12x12 Template, click on the link below:

For the 11x8.5 Template, click on this one:

For both sizes, click on this last one:
Hope you enjoy these templates. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. I love to see your layouts! Leave a comment with a link to your page. Happy Spring! (Though, in my area, we got inches of snow today!)