Friday, December 31, 2010

FotoFusion Template No. 17

 Well, I took a break, but now I'm happily back to creating! .Scrap Template No.17 is now posted.  I love non-symmetrical designs, as you can see here. LOL Using one pattern or color of paper for both the background and the paper directly underneath the photos would create a nice, subtle texture.  If you find that you need a place for a horizontal photo, try rotating one of the frames. The overall look would still remain the same. Note: .Scrap templates do not work in other scrapbooking software programs. They only work in FotoFusion.

Click below to download FotoFusion Template No.17. 
Good-bye 2010. Hello 2011!


  1. I love these templates that I download and use it in my project 365 ...

    for now I'm taking photos.

    then I'll make a photo book with pages of digital scrapbooking

    This is the link

  2. I absolutely love your templates! You are one talented lady! Thank you so much!!! Mallory

  3. Thank you for the templates! We've missed seeing you post.