Sunday, October 7, 2012

Art Journaling

I have started a new thing. It encompasses all I love: scrapbooking, journaling, drawing, painting, mixed media, smash books, etc.

It's art journaling!
 So, had to share my latest post. :) I used Copics (another new love), hybrid scrapbooking paper, painting, rub-ons, alcohol ink, and stickers.

The book I used was an old Reader's Digest book. To accommodate the added thickness of the pages,  I ripped out some pages.

 My daughter played with my new Copics, drew a heart, I saw it, loved it, drew one myself. :) Then today, I went out and bought more colors. Added some doodling to brighten it up. :)
 I painted Gesso for the base over the pages, stuck two pages together while still wet, pulled them apart, and oh, liked the texture I got! (This was done by mistake. Hadn't planned on the two pages sticking together.)
 More gorgeous texture here...

My hubby is in Arizona for work, so he wasn't home again for the second year in a row to celebrate our anniversary. It's seventeen years today! I've been married almost half my life! Hubby is an amazing man. Very blessed to have a stable guy I can lean on, as I can get a little crazy!
It's basically just adding your artsy doodles and snippets to a page. Rub-ons by Basic Grey, snippets of paper I had on hand...

 Those eyes? Found a great tut for drawing Manga-style eyes with Copic markers. Loved the outcome. As I only had the neutral grey set of the Copics when I drew them, I chose to make the eyes black and white. :)

And love that quote! Anything C.S. Lewis is so very profound and deep. Had to include it.

There, pages three and four of my altered art journal. :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Starting my 40 Days of Thankfulness tomorrow. See if I can stick to it. LOL


  1. Help --- I want to talk to you!
    I can not find a place to contact you directly so I am commenting on this post...I also commented on your fruits of the spirit entry! LOVE IT!

    I just got a mac and am in desperate need of a program to scrapbook with...I think I can tell that you are sold on fotofusion...but before taking the plunge just wanted to ask if you know of others out there that are as good if not better....or what your lowdown is on fotofusion.

    Would love an inside scoop before purchasing!
    Thank you
    (Past Creative Memories consultant of like 10 ready to go digital...)

  2. Monica, I sent you an email. :) Thanks!

  3. Anna, I just love this page. I have been using Fotofusion for a number of years and need to branch out. I started scraping by making my cards. And I love it. But, again, need to branch out more. Am looking at many altered book pages and know that is my next step. I have learned so much from your creative ability shared on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing. And happy anniversary a bit late.