Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Something From My Garden

I felt the need to beautify my blog with my favorite flower photos of this summer. Here goes. :)

My peony plant looked absolutely spectacular in the evening light. Can't get over it. So many varying shapes and colors! Granted, I did add a slight Instagram filter to it, but it looks almost exactly as my eye perceived it. Honest. :P

Sigh. And this one. I am looking-looking-looking for the specific variety of this beauty, but have had no luck so far. I bought the plants (three of them) off my nephew's girlfriend this spring. So happy I did! Each bloom is not more than than two and a half inches across. They're almost like the wild Alberta Rose, but with an extra set of petals, and white and palest pink from inside. The bud is a bright pink, but when they open, they've got this delicacy to them. :) 

Anyway, gotta run and read to my youngest. He and I are home ALONE! What to do without all that extra noise and curfuffle in our home? Loving the silence after a busy tiring day. :)

Blessings to each of my peeps. Thank you for stopping by!