Thursday, October 30, 2014

Petite Doll Mixed Media Project in my DLP Journal

So, the girl below is based loosely on the things I learned in a Suzi Blu course called Petite Doll. Don't like my completed version, but I learned lots.

DLP Week 35 Challenge: Draw, paint, doodle a face. Done. Took forever to do it, as it was completely out of my comfort zone, and my expectations were too high!

I started with a sketch of my daughter in a sun-hat. 

4 things I wanted to capture in this project:

--NINE freckles on her nose
--her gorgeous long, flowing blonde hair
--her happy child-like expression
--her brilliant green, soulful eyes

There's so much I want to learn yet about creating dimension with color. Tried to add lots of yellows to her hair. Not crazy about the sharp black lines I added...

I used a color scheme I haven't used before: baby blue, orangey-yellow and a warm purple. I really really like it! It all started with the Gelli-print I used for the background of the girl. :)

Added more dimension to my oft-used bubble theme. I am really happy with that. 

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy art-ing!
♥♥♥ Anna ♥♥♥