Thursday, December 31, 2015

Artsydori Land

My December was full of Artsydori bliss instead of sugar plums. Seriously. I took a class, and it got addicting. I think I've made seven of these beautiful books. Every second spent on this Artsy Dori class by Cindy Gilstrap was bliss! Check it out here

Artsydori Numero 01

It's a traveler's notebook, a cute cover to house notebooks. This size fits the Moleskine Cahier Kraft Large Ruled Journals, 5" x 8 1/4" . I actually prefer the Standard-sized traveler's journal style notebooks for these notebook covers. You can fit about 5 or 6 inserts in, which I love! I make many of my own refills, as it can get expensive to order them all! So many uses for these! That's a whole post in itself! :) 

Love the canvas scripty covered buttons. I found them in my scrapbook stash, most of which has been purged since I stopped scrapbooking, but some still float around, and the buttons were some of it. :) 
I used mini pom pom trim and pink velvet ribbon I had in my stash as well. 

The elastics is variegated, which I love!

Stamped sentiment on a bit of canvas.

The inside cover has a pretty pocket, painted with a flower, and messily sewn. At first go, I accidentally stitched the top part closed too. Oh well, the holes on top look kinda cute.

I just painted the canvas for the pen loop. See the messy stitching? You don't need to be an expert seamstress for this, trust me! 

Artsydori Numero 02

Artsydori Numero 03

This one I call Lisa, as my niece Lisa got this for Christmas from Junia and myself. :) For this one I used white elastics, and you can see just a peek, but it's coordinated fabric from the inside. I have more of that fabric, so I definitely plan on making more with that for the inside.

Artsydori Numero 04

I chose to go without the flowers on this one. Used a fun stencil by Tim Holtz for the dots.

A bold contrasting for the inside.

Artsydori Numero 05

More traditional colors with an eclectic feel for the design: gold elastics, contrasting green stitching for the patch in front, measuring tape ribbon for trim, and wooden buttons.

Yellow ombre pattern for the inside.

Artsydori Numero 06

I had the hardest time getting the colors right with this one, but in the end, I think it's my favorite! 

Flourescent yellow buttons for the spine. :)


Artsydori Numero 07

This one I gifted to my niece who loves anything horses. :)

I have plans for more! 

So, if these books intrique you, do please check out this marvelous course at

And that's that. My last post of the year. It's almost 2016!

Happy happy new year to each one of you!


Love, Anna

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