Thursday, January 14, 2016

Inspiration Wednesday 2016 Week One

Super-stoked with Lesson One of Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday 2016! I want to try this technique again, but with slightly different methods, to get the background whiter, and not as much raw umber showing. Loved Donna's whiter version.

I would have loved to use that brushes stencil by Donna Downey, but you can't have everything you want, right? :) This doily-type stencil is by Memory Box, and I use it a lot. With this type of medium, it looks vintage, but I have used it in a way that looks funky. Love it when stencils are that versatile! 

Looks quite different with color drippings, and I love it! It's not something I would have done myself, so I love this little creative push to do things I might not ordinarily do! Golden Fluids, you are beautiful!

Little peak of the edge of my handmade journal. Yum yum. Binder clip, you look pretty good too!

Rough, fraying edges, I like you a lot too. Neon chartreuse-colored elastics, why not? Mawaaa!

The numbers are made with a stencil set from Staples. Who says ordinary, utilitarian stencils can't look good? Add the flourescent pink...can't get away from pink, nope! favourite part, I think...a Morse code-ish looking stencil by Stencil Girl's designer Julie Snidle for the September 2015 Club. See the bottom edge of the layout and at the top part of the inclusion tag? Just for a little extra. Not something that will scream at you, ya know. :) 

And me likes how the yellow is pooling on the edge....

Never mind the fingerprints embedded in the design of my fingers get impatient with drying times...

I wrote up a blog post of my handmade IW journal. See it HERE, or just go to the older post.

Well, there you have it. I've done the first challenge of this year-long project. Next Wednesday, the next video is out, and I am eagerly waiting for it! 

Have a great day! 

♥♥♥ Anna ♥♥♥