Tuesday, November 3, 2015

15 NaNoJourMo

The 15 Minute Edition of NaNoJouMo by Dawn Sokol

This is a new challenge, based on the popular NaNoWriMo
Instead of writing a novel in a month, you spend 15 minutes a day in your art journal. 

My plan is 5 minutes of free-writing, and 10 minutes art journaling. 

For day one and two, I did add more details later, but this timed exercise is my starting point. Learning how to just go for it, and not agonize, agonize, stare, stare at the blank page! 
I do it so much. 
My creative muscles will get a workout, big time! 
My goal was to call each page FINISHED when the timer beeps, but I just couldn't help myself. 
I want pages to be more complete. 
I need to be spanked?

A file folder journal in progress: when the month is complete, I'll bind
all the pages together into a book.


Pages transformed with color and paint and paper and stamps
and ink and on and on...

Ombre gelli prints for the background. 

stencil work

Mail art : the painty circles in pink, green and purple are cut
from an envelope.

Snail mail happiness was from my fellow DLP moderator, Chris. ♥

Each day I am doing a five minute free-write.

washi tape

graph paper for the background with my journaling

Day 1 stamped with rubber stamps and a huge big set of
foam numbers and letters by Magnetic Poetry

The bible truth, "You are transformed through Christ" is the reminder
for me throughout this month, so I decided to put that on the very first page of the file folder book.

Snippets of words that echoed my main sentiment are put above my title.

Ordinary manila and kraft colored file folders make up the pages in this journal and they
they will be hand-bound together at the end of the month.


I bought a huge bundle of cheap kraft paper at an art store, and I use it catch my drips and stains (underpaper), but I also gelli-print on it quite deliberately. It makes up the background of the left side.

Made the snail mail envelope I had cut out a circle for yesterday's project and glued to page, and tucked in today's 5 minute free-write and a tag from the lovely Sandi Keene.

Label, stamped with the same stamps I used for day 1.

Punched out a circle from an old Uno turn-around card, 
old children's book, 
gelli prints, 
music paper, 
an old zine I ordered off Etsy from Daisy Yellow that didn't print out right,
an index card where I practiced calligraphy with brush pens...

Pink polka dot washi tape. I don't think washi will ever go out of style. It's so handy!

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