Saturday, April 2, 2016

March unPlanner Flip-through

My remaining March unPlanner pages are complete.

I chose greens and yellow for this month. I did enjoy using all these greens, but I'm looking forward to a more girly combo for April.

I hope to streamline my process more, as I find myself spending too much time on this. 

For more information about this project, check out the Art5 website. It's hosted by some lovely ladies who, every week, share their take on the challenge. It's very low cost, and gives you great downloads and extra perks, and access to the private Facebook page, reserved for all the members. Lots of inspiration there! :)

For the backing, I used various greens (and white) on a sponge to paint through a stencil by Suzi Dennis from Stencil Girl.
Next I made a mask to create the day spots, then I sponged brown paint in, let dry, outlined with a white Uniball Signo gel pen, added the circle dates, painted in with coordinating paint, and done.

Week 11 PAC challenge was to add leaves. Found this in an old dictionary. Glued it to the card, stitched with metallic green, added the reinforcements, added some green marks with paint, found the dictionary definition of LEAF, add a yellow fringe, and done. I'm finding these small pieces of art really easy to do lately, and that makes me happy!

March 20-26, I painted circles in an intuitive style, adding white marks after.

Favorite destinations list was fun to do. :) Graph paper for the words. Graph paper is one of my favorite papers to use lately!

March 27-31. I glued this page to the back of the previous page, to save some time. Wasn't feeling that I needed to add anything extra, so this is how it is. :)

I enjoy the edges, with the ribbon peaking through!

I enjoy seeing different angles of projects. Bear with me. :)

I didn't really do any Monthly Pocket Picks this time, but I did put a beautiful tag from the Lorraine Bell in. I glued it the back of the List10, complete with a patterened paper reinforcement edge to add to binder. I thought of punching holes through the tag, but decided to leave it "unharmed".

Facing page are the remaining PACS, collected in sewn pockets, with a triangle edge, similar to how Rae Missigman does her scalloped sewn edge. 

I sewed the pockets smaller, so that the smaller PACS don't float in the pocket. I like the look! :)

 PAC Week 12: arrows, using a Rae Missigman stamp and lots of stitching again. :)

PAC Week 13: Celebrate white space. I cut out a heart from an empty portion of reinforcement stickers, glued to paper, added paint, sewed around the edge, doodled with black Sharpie, added the little quote, a bit more sewing, DONE. Quick. 

To see the video flip-through of March, go to the link to my Youtube HERE.

I think three months is all I can fit into this binder. Good thing I have another one to fill. I think I'll need four of these great looking kraft binders. Looking forward to decorating the covers yet! 

To see what binders I use, check them out at the Art5 Curated Paper Goods shoppe HERE. Lots more yummy things to look at while you there as well! ;)

Well, have a great day artsy friends!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

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  1. Your palette colors is always glamorous! Beautiful pages Anna.