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Art Marks 30 Day Challenge Prompts 9-12

Hi, all! I'm back after a break. I'm in the midst of a very consuming project that takes up almost all of my spare time, so I haven't been able to work on this project much. My sister and I are diy-ing the decor for a local fundraiser banquet. We're very excited to see how it will turn out. I might even share some pics. We'll see. It involves paper maché. :)

Today I just wanted to show you some process pics and close-ups of my takes on Rae's Art Marks 30 Day Challenge. I'm behind, as it ended mid February, but I want to continue on and finish all 30 prompts. She's also starting Part 2, which I hope to do as well.

(To see the first and second set go HERE and HERE.)

So here is the third set, Prompts 9-12.

Prompt 9/30: Chevron

I started by smudging on blues, pinks and yellows. Then I splattered some paint, added the chevron with pencil, pen, paint. Finished with a black Stabilo All pencil.

I had a hard time making ''chevron'' shaped marks with a paint brush. I tried, and I didn't like the look, so I cut out a stencil and pencilled in the edges, then I brushed on the white paint.

Lastly I drew in little circles with black pen where the paint splattered. Added cross-hatches to the chevron shapes.

I'm really enjoying how each layout looks different when the next page is done, as they are all uneven pages. I am definitely crushing on random-sized journal pages! Heck, I could even cut down the pages of purchased journals to get this look! Yes! (For the next challenge, I think I'll make a smaller book.)

Prompt 10/30: Criss Cross

This spread was made up of an old gelliprint again on the left side, and grunged up graph paper on right.

I see Carolyn Dube's Circles Circles stencil and Rae Missigman's Puddles stencil in the print on left.

Smoosh yellow paint in circles in random places, careful to line them up. Add in black middles, let dry, then draw in criss cross marks with purple gel pen.

Add turquoise touches with paint.
Scribble around circles and dots in middle of criss cross marks with turquoise gel pen.

Add in light purple paint to backgrounds in areas.
Draw the grid back in with purple gel pen.

11/30 Prompt: Lines

 This one was quick. Make splotches of colour across the whole page with paint.
Draw circles with pencil.
Colour circles with purple Inktense pencils, let dry, and add in more inktense to bring up the colour.
Add in aqua paint, let dry, then add darker turquoise dots over the aqua. 
Scribble around circle with pink gel pen. Loving the ease of gel pens over acrylic lately!
Add in turquoise lines with a paint pen.

12/30 Prompt: Puddled

I'm trying not to use too many stencils with this project, but just could not resist it for this layout. This beauty of a stencil by Maria McGuire was calling my name. Stenciled with purple paint. It does have a rippling look, just like a puddle, right? :)
Finger paint in yellow circles, adding other areas of yellow as well.

Above the circular stencil lower right, I saw the old gelliprint design. Again, it was made with the Circles Circles stencil I mentioned earlier.
Highlighted the circle shapes with pencil and Inktense pencil.
Love how the underpaper is often the starting point of my design!

I took a pic of the layout, then looked at the picture on my phone. On upper left, I spied ''eyes", so I got up the gumption to draw a face, looking at a reference photo on my happy faces Pinterest board.

Decided to partially hide the face behind the yellow ''puddles'', so I erased the lip area. Didn't like how the shape of the lips looked anyway.

When I took this photo, I liked how the face looked, with just in pencil, but darker would look nice, so I went ahead and used black india ink and pen nib. I had a hard time getting the lines thin enough. I need finer nibs!

Part of the ''puddling'' prompt to me was to puddle paint on the surface, so I wasn't very concerned how the background was covered with colour.

Here in middle left area, I was crushing on the subtle colourway, so I stuck with that theme, adding some dots with a like-coloured paint marker. Sublime, methinks.

 I interrupt my fascinating programming with a pic of my LulaRoe leggings. People!! I searched a LOOOONG time for these. They match my art, don't you think? :))))
Sooooooo comfortable!!!!
(I was trying to draw the flower design, but not need to practice more, obviously. )

I added shadowing to the middle of the rippling puddle with Inktense and white dots.

I spied the wordd ORIGINAL on a Mini Wheats cereal box, so I cut that out to include on my page.

To break up the large purple area, I stenciled in some texture with the May 2015 StencilClub stencil.

And I'm done! Have I told you lately how much fun blogging is? Thanks for coming for a visit, I appreciate it! :)

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

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