Thursday, September 19, 2019

10 Day Gratitude Journal

EDIT: This journal is SOLD.

Almost two years ago, I made this fun little grateful journal, thinking I'd use it, but it's been sitting, looking all forlorn, in among my art stash. So, I've decided to sell it. I feel sad, as I always do when I part with something I've poured my heart and soul into, but I can't keep everything I make! 

I designed it while I was on the fabulous Roben-Marie Smith's design team. There's even an hour-long video of it on her YouTube channel. Check it out if you want to see the time-lapse. I recommend changing the playback speed to 2x if you don't have an hour to watch or be bored out of your mind. (Unless of course, you're curious how I achieved the look in detail. ;) ) 
See video 

This could be a handy little journal to quickly document ten days of gratitude. I've seen many people do this on the socials. This is a great tool to practice thankfulness during the American thanksgiving season, or really, any time of the year is good too! Check out the hashtags #tendaysofgratitude #gratitudejournal #gratitudeproject 

This little book boasts 16 pages of painterly index cards, a few tags and some POPart cards designed by Roben-Marie Smith.  See photos below, which I've posted in order they appear in the book.

To purchase or if you have any questions, you can reach me at or go to my Facebook page Artful Stories, or private message me on Instagram at @annawho.

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥