Sunday, April 11, 2010

Velvet with Glitter

Levi's card for his cousin and best friend's birthday. He did a pretty good job, I think!
Creating something fun with MESSY micro glitter is one of the things Levi had been begging to do. And so, I promised he and I would play with it on his 8th birthday. (8th! Where has my little boy gone?!?!?) Have you played with Micro Glitter? These are no ordinary sparklers. This is MICRO glitter. Once you have burnished the stuff onto your adhesive, it STAYS put! Another thing. If you glitter a background (like both projects shown), it will feel like VELVET. We found plastic letters to use as a mask for the title on Levi's card, and he cut out a design on the glossy paper adhesive backing. I used the Glimmer Mist Butterfly Mask from Tattered Angels. The other supplies I found at one of my local LSS, complete with the glitter colors, adhesive sheets and magnet cloth. It took all my will power not to buy every color she had!