Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unlikely Inspiration Found in Mailbox

My kids brought me the mail this morning. A gorgeous envelope from World Vision appeared before my eyes. I instantly conjured up visions of a digital scrapbooked layout. The girl and title struck me first. Notice the slightly distressed white letters. Look at the incredible beauty of the girl with her memorable eyes and colorful head scarf. Then I saw the sub-title. I LOVE how it is slightly tilted, layered and distressed. Next, behold, that grungy looking white frame! But the eye-candy didn't stop there! I turned the envelope over and was pleasantly surprised with the white negative space. I could list more things I like about it, but I'll stop there. My son needs to do his phonics, and it ain't happenin' with me on this computer! 

I had promised I would post about the big project I'm working on for my sister, but I chose to post this first. It'll come yet.