Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Another scraplift! Click here to see which layout I copied. :) The words just flowed tonight. I'm glad I stayed up longer! I've never written these thoughts down before! I'm so proud of myself! Are the letters the wrong color? Please tell me if you think so. I like constructive criticism. (sp?) Gosh! How do you spell that word anyway?!?!? It must be too late. 
I went in later (Sept '10) and blurred the text to respect my husband's right to privacy. Sorry. :)

Products Used:
Background Papers - Cat Scrap: Micheline Martin: Mischief Makers, Sweet Shoppe Designs: SClingerman: Lean On Me, 
Yellow paper, yellow flower, white button - Ronna Penner: Express Yourself
Blue flower - Sweet Shoppe Designs: Lauren Grier: Right Now
White flower - Vinnie Pearce: Posied
Cardboard flowers - Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Shuana Clingerman: Lean on Me
Blue hearts, white doodled flower - Cat Scrap: Micheline Martin: Mischief Makers
Stitches -Sweet Shoppe Designs: Traci Reed: Messy Stitching Don't Be Square 
Brackets and large lettering: Lauren Reid: Hot News Alpha
Fonts: Burst My Bubble (my present favorite)


  1. It sounds so hard spending so much time apart from your husband, i have never had to experience it, i feel so blessed we have never spent a night apart sense we got married 13 years ago. glad your communicating i believe it's very important.