Friday, November 4, 2011

Project Overload!

I have not updated in a while, as you probably know by now.
Even my twin stopped visiting me here, since nothin's new around these parts! It seems this way, I know, but in actual fact, I've done lots of stuff.
Project after project!
And maybe completed one or two.
Let me count the ways!

1. Have sorted, edited, organized, copied, printed, and other essential things you do with photos. In particular, I did one project for my sister-in-law, who lost her sweet Tomas in September of 2010. The project is unfinished at this point, as I want to put all 176 photos I "stole" from Kathy into a regular photo album. A surprise package like that in the mail would be nice, wouldn't it?

2. I designed two logos for our church's women's ministry. I really enjoyed doing that!

3. Have tried my hand at "photoshopping" a photo of my huge family. I tried to combine several photos into one, so that at least most of us looked half decent. LOL I posted the pic on facebook, not realized I had started something. (Sure glad I did!) My balding brother wanted me to draw hair on his head, but that request went a little tooo far. :)
(Okay, I guess that last part wasn't entirely accurate, but it sounded good. )

Here's my caption under the photo on Facebook: (heehee)

I'm photoshopping this picture using all the versions I have of this get-up:
I've given Grandma a new face.
Replaced all of Hannah with a different Hannah, which still needs some work.
I might cut out Ben and add one where we can see his whole face, Luke and David W, as well....any other requests?
For those of you who want to be eliminated from this photo, or you want me to remove someone you have a personal vandetta against, sorry! I don't carry out those requests. LOL

And maybe I'll make Henry taller, Elijah happier, me skinnier....LOL

And here are the comments: They crack me up EVERY TIME!

I LOVE my family! I will have to scrapbook the photo and include the comments!