Monday, November 14, 2011

Subway ART

Sara saw lots of subway art online, LOVED it, so she figured we could make one ourselves! 
Remember this post?
This is how the finished product looks. :) 
My favorite font is the one that spells, "peace". It's called Modern No.20. (If you care to know.)

Here's a brief summary of how we did it.

1. We designed the poster in FotoFusion.
2. Printed it at Costco. (Cost was $19.99) 
3. Trimmed it to slightly smaller than 24x36 inches.
4. Bought and cut plywood to the same size.
5. Used spray adhesive to adhere the poster to the wood.
6. Used a sander to distress and remove the glossy finish from the photo.
It hangs in my sister's main washroom.

Time to make one for myself! It will be a tall one about TABLE MANNERS for our dining room wall...
Have a great day!


  1. I love it! I didn't realize that you made it. Can you post the one that you make about table manner?

  2. It looks great! Let me know how the table manners one works ;)

  3. Thanks, Esther and Denise. I'll try to remember to post my Table Manners canvas!

  4. It turned out Beautiful, i love it!!!