Monday, February 10, 2014

♥ Art Journal Update ♥

 Happily playing in The Documented Life Project art journal.
 Loving the process more and more! 

Week Two of February: 

Loving the intensity of the Derwent Inktense pencils. I also use Generals watercolor pencils, especially the yellow and greens. :)

We had a lovely week of learning at my house. Read-a-louds, history, music, math, gymnastics, science co-op, Monet art study, Olympics, bible study, loving on Grandma and Grandpa, and out with friends. Speaking of Claude Monet, I am EXTREMELY inspired by his works. Want to attempt a piece using his methods.

The title page background for week 2 pictured above is a Gelli-print. For the pattern, I used a stencil I made for myself.

Week 1 of February

This project has a new challenge you can do every week. I haven't done every challenge, but I DID do Week Six - Open your Pinterest board and be inspired. I chose to do a simple zentangle

by Carole Ohl. This is the most inspiring tangle I think I've ever done. {{shout-out to her - check out her blog here: Open Seed Arts!}} Instead of black lines, I chose my go-to Sharpie markers, which seems to be THE marker I use throughout this project so far. :

For my February week-at-a-glance title, I used an old book page as the background. I sprayed yummy colors of Dylusions ink on one side, let it dry, and noticed that the back was much prettier and cooler than the front, so voila, an accidental art piece. #iamanaccidentalartist. :P 

 The rose didn't start as a rose, it kinda grew into one. Initially I just wanted pretty splotches of watercolour, but they started looking like flowers...:)

Journal Cover

Many have asked about my process, so here it is:

Step 1: Scribble circles with watercolour pencils in a random fashion, drawing different sizes and colours.

Step 2: Load brush with water, and "plop" down the water on top of the scribbled pencil, slightly brushing the water in. Don't brush too much, as then the water will not settle as much, to create that mottled watercolour look. Be sure to was the brush when you move to a different colour.

Step 3: Let dry completely. I think I did the watercolouring one day, and the doodling the next day.

Step 4: With a black marker, draw around the edge of each coloured circle. Then do another circle around the first round. Colour in the small spots between circles with marker. I used a black Sharpie ultra-fine tipped marker. Make sure you use a permanent marker, as at the end you will seal the art. (This piece of art is the cover of my journal, so I wanted to protect it.)

Step 5: For the script background, I scribbled the lyrics to a favourite song of mine: Speak Life by Toby Mac.

Step 6: To seal it, I used matte medium and brushed it across the entire page.

Some of my processes of designing my planner:

Day dots: Punched circles out of book paper, scribbled circles, doodles the numbers, and painted the inside with watercolour paints. :)

Another pic with the days written in and some more lovely washi tape edges. :)

For most of the day strips, I am watercolouring them in. My journaling is varied: sometimes I use black, sometimes other colors. Once in awhile I draw a frame around the journaling to seperate it from the other notes. The splotches are made using Dylusions ink spray.

This spread was from January. Kinda made it look a bit busy with all those splotches on ink spray. The dots are simply pouncing wet round sponges on the dye ink-based Dylusions ink spray. Added some washi tape here...

For the January week-at-a-glance title, I made art of the memory verse my kids were memorizing and using as copywork in our homeschool. :) Used a stencil by Balzer Designs and the Dylusions ink spray for that dotty there...The yellow-green splotches is acrylic paint simply smudged onto the pages. 

My daughter and I were doing art together one day, and I happened to look over, and spied her making a cute banner out of washi-tape! I had to copy that! Thanks, Sweets, for the lovely idea! 

My Selfie

Week 2 Challenge was doing a selfie. So, made a scrapbook page with some of my IG photos. Other items and techniques used: Gelli-printing, stamping, twine, stencil and modeling paste for the chevron strip to the right of the picture strip, paper snippets from an old book, doodling, and more! I uploaded and printed my IG photos using Printsgram.

Some close-ups:

paper snippets from an old book, date stamp, if the first time doesn't work out, stamp again, and this way you're looking artsy...

stamping, washi-tape, modeling paste, stencils, book pages

doodling and stamping

Some of the textures were created using a Tim Holtz stencil on the Gelli-plate. LOVE IT! The flourish is my first hand-carved stamp. :) The little blue circles are made with a marker and a circle template. Loving my yellow twine...

Sorry for the extremely unorganized blog post. 

Happy playing and make today a great day, loving one another always!



  1. I absolutely LOVE your planner and all its lovely goodness! Thanks so much for the inspiration!! :)

  2. Anna,

    I just LOVE your journaling! I will be posting your page to my FB closed group, Barefoot Journaling Chronicles. I know my members will love it too.

    I'd be pleased to have you join my group, if you'd like. Just let me know what you think okay, Anna?


    ~Evon Robinson

  3. I love your journal cover so much! It looks fantastic! Did you use watercolor paper? If so, was it hot or cold press? Thanks so much!

  4. @aprilquilts, thank you so much! ♥♥ I used cold-press watercolor paper, yes. :)