Friday, February 21, 2014

Week 3 of The Documented Life

Continuing on with The Documented Life Project, Week 3. I haven't done any of the challenges this week, but my main priority is documenting my moments, and the highlights. I don't capture every detail of my day, but some at least. :) Simple watercolors, a bit of china marker on the dots below, with different shades of pink watercolor dots, a bit of doodling, loving it all. So much fun!

Never heard of this project: Check out the Art to the 5th blog! It's a great community, with 5000+ strong on their Facebook page!

I make mistakes, but I just cross them out and go forward. No sweating the small stuff here.

Loving the art of zentangle. I'm no perfectionist, but I still like my happy-looking results. :)

Just a quick little post. Have a great day!
♥Anna ♥