Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Page Spread in my DLP 2014 Journal

Hello everyone! I'm back with my photos and details of the last challenge of DLP 2014! If you do not know what DLP is, check it out here! :) 

The lovely Art5 ladies added a last challenge for this year. Week 53: Draw or collage something that begins with the first letter of your first name.

I'm not sure if this would be considered a collage or not. It's a group of four tangles that start with the letter A, as my name is Anna (in case you didn't know ;). I added some other artsy goodness as well. 

Did you know official tangles have names? I love that they have names. Is that the nerdy part of me that finds comfort in that? lol 

I have always doodled. Then I discovered tangles. I have not been the same since. My favorite website for patterns are tangles are Check them out here. Love the site! They are all listed alphabetically.

The tangle names from left to right pictured are: Arc Flower, Arukas, Allium and After-glo. I used library cards that I picked up new for really cheap at a local book shop. I drew in each design, then covered it with clear gesso by Liquitex, and lastly, added color with my go-to supply: Neocolor2 wax water-soluable crayons.

left page

right side

Chevron stencil for texture using modeling paste (It's my favorite technique right now.), added lots of color with Neocolors2 crayons, splatting color all over the place. 

I did the background of each page first by layering color with Inktense pencils and the Neos.

This photo above ^^ was taken from above, pointing down. Loving all the texures happening. I took a white Gelato to finish off the edges. I glued the library cards down with gel medium and matte medium.

The hearts were made with modeling paste and a stencil. The stencil is from punching out hearts from cardstock. The punch is a single punch of a heart trio from Stampin' Up. 
I added greyish-blackish details to the edges of the library cards with a grey Neo crayon and a Sketch and Wash pencil by General's.

I found the Arc-Flower tangle difficult to get even. But that's part of my style, I guess. I can't copy anything perfectly. It is usually wonky, off-center, etc. :)

Added lots of white gelato and neocolors for coloring. This time I told myself I could not use Dylusions sprays, as I want to try different things. 

The 2014 I started with Sketch and Wash by General's, then a Prismacolor marker on top.

I always gravitate towards the Allium tangle shown above. ^^ It's an easy one for me to draw.

Thanks for stopping by! I'm almost ready for DLP 2015! Can't wait to start!


  1. Anna, I just got neocolors for Christmas. I'm curious how you use them to get that splatters look. Or was that with something else? Thanks, Karen

  2. Hi, @Karen B! Thanks for visiting and leaving a note. :) I did get those splatters with the Neos. Simply wet a brush, hold crayon above your canvas and flick the brush against the crayon in the direction you want the paint to land. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Sandrine! I loooove your work too! :)