Friday, January 30, 2015

Take Me to Italy...meanwhile I will dream...

I dream of faraway places. Italy is one of those places for me. I think of overgrown doorways and windows.  I dream of walking along a road where famous artists like Da Vinci has walked. To walk the places he trod while brainstorming ideas for his next painting. Walk where he hurried to get home, so he could quickly fill up another page in his many sketch books. I was at a local book store the other day, and saw a book of his sketches. It would be so inspiring to see the places he saw. I dream of spending a whole week just in one little place, so that I can take in every little detail. I haven't been too far from home all my life. 

One day I will. 

Meanwhile, I will make Pinterest boards called:

and paint little scenes like this. 

It really was an accident, this humble little picture. It's not done perfectly, but I will call it a success, because it is a piece of my heart.

I used my calendar stencil I had made made for last year's Documented Life Project. Part of the art process of this piece involved unwashed, dirty stencils. Happy accidents. I love them.

It started out with a few stencils that I like. Some of it was just unloading color off my brayer while Gelli-printing! The dot one is a Dina Wakley stencil, I believe. 

I have to say, the work of amazingly talented Junelle Jacobson inspired this doodling and coloring. I am happy. Thank you, Junelle! I highly recommend any of her classes!

Have you painted / created a scene of a place you would like to visit? I would love to see it! Send me a link in comments below. That would be super of you.

I am looking forward to teaching a few art classes next month. Maybe they can create a dreamy little scene like this too.
You lovelies that are local to me, go here to find out more infomation about my art classes:

Artful Stories with Anna

Have a great day!

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