Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gelatos and White Sand Art Journal Page

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 17
Art Challenge: The Color Wheel
Journal Prompt: 
"I found I could say things in color with shapes that I couldn't say any other way..." - Georgia O'Keeffe

The journaling prompt for week 3 really resonated with me. I have thought about it all week long. :) I speak jibberish often. I speak fast, I stumble over words, I stutter, I mumble. It's hard to explain sometimes how I feel. I am a very passionate, emotional person, and since the people closest to me can only stand so much of me, LOL art journaling is way of letting things flow from my heart. I couldn't even say how it works or why my heart seeks out color and shapes and why I feel such a need to create, but it's very important to me.

This week was really busy, and hadn't really planned on stopping where I did, but I think I am calling this journal page done. Who knows, I might add something another day, but I happy with it for now. :)

My date numbers are looking too cool colored compared to the rest of the colors, but it must be the lighting and my lack of photography skills, as in real life, I didn't notice that they clashed a bit. ;)

 This spread is important to me, as I wasn't concerned about the outcome. I just wanted to play with my supplies. I wanted to create different textures. I used a Finnabair Texture Paste - white sand,  from her Art Extravagance line.

I hadn't used my Gelatos much yet. The colors I used here came in a set. First I gessoed the background. Then I simply colored in circles witht the Gelatos quickly and randomly over the page, not over-thinking it. Then I added modeling paste to the circles in areas with my fingers, and then the texure paste in between where no color had landed yet, making sure each layer was completely dry.

 And that's it! I'm done!
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