Thursday, April 2, 2015

DLP Week 11 Borders

Hi, everyone! 

March Theme:
 Making Your Mark (Doodles and Mark Making) 
March 14 Art Challenge:  Borders 

I have been struggling with the Documented Life Project challenges lately, and this week was no exception. I couldn't understand why mark-making was difficult for me, as I love doodling! Then it came to me: do what you know how to do. My goal with mark-making month was to try something new with the way I doodle. But now I know something: if I'm having difficulty, don't try to change your techniques, or try a different way of doing doodles, do what you know. So I started what I easily do: create flourishes. Then I got the idea of using my black Stabilo All for it, and so I did. That morphed into watercoloring them in, and so I did. And now I have done something with doodles I've never done before! So, I achieved my goal but I started with what I always do!

I created a border around the page. Then I was stuck again. LOL What to put in the middle...

After staring at the blank middle for days, I decided to just DO SOMETHING, so I picked up a paintbrush and started painting with acrylic in various blues, greens and yellows.

I had a Gelli-printing craze for a few days, with my kids looking on. My daughter got the bug too, and she came up with some fabulous prints. The chevron on the retro green-blue is one of them. She placed my home-made chevron masks on the plate, placed the paper down, let it sit there for a bit, then peeled off the paper. It looks like peeling paint on a wall, doesn't it? :) I added some circles from some of the prints I made. Also, the little scallop on the right edge is a handmade stamp I made a few weeks ago. Took my black Stabilo All again, and outlined the chevron lines with it, making them pop more. Still more tweeking to come...


See the peeled paint look? I love!

I trimmed the print to fit into the middle and glued it down. I added the circles, the stamped scallop, and the writing on the chevron.

Next I penciled in all the edges with the Stabilo All and wet it with a paintbrush. This created more definition in each piece and the overall look.

I also added the black around the little circles within the larger circles, and I also doodled in more with a Sharpie.

Blue markings with a Montana acrylic paint pen with black Sharpie details around them...

More circles in different colors of Montana paint pens and Sharpie...

For the little journaling on the chevron lines, I wrote about the creativity and chaos of my life, in reflection of this week's Journal Prompt: "Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind."

And we're done!
Thanks for stopping by!

Anna :)