Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Saw With Open Eyes: unPlanner Week 25

Hello again! I'm sharing my latest unPlanner pages today. I get the honour of being the featured member today in The Documented Life Project 2016- The unPlanner. Thanks so much to Rae, Sandi and Lorraine! 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, or your curiousity is peaked, check it out HERE.

This is volume two of the Art5 kraft binder. It is full to bursting!! 

I made a fun tri-pocket to fit the PACs out of a kraft envelope, sewing the compartments and backing it with one of my painted pages.

I used lots of StencilGirl stencils to decorate these papers. I use the same look throughout the month of June. Check out my other blog post about my process. 

I haven't finished a few of the previous weeks PACs, so those will come yet.

This PAC was for Week 24: add doodled flowers. Or ten. 

I used a Brushstix foam applicator with a pointy tip to add the paint dots, then I doodled around each one with a black Pitt marker.
I doodled the larger flower on underpaper and cut it out. A circular blob of gold paint on my underpaper had dried up, so I made that another flower middle, doodling around it, cut it out, then layered it on top of the other cut-out. 
I used Lindy's Stamp Gang spray to colour the silk ribbon I purchased from the Art5 store.
I blended the area away from the large flower with gesso so the flower would be center stage, then added dots with a Pitt marker.

For this week's PAC: use tissue paper. 

I colored the watercolour paper with my June colours.
I used tissue paper with text I found in my happy mail stash (thanks, Lois Stoneking!) for the upper left corner. I smooshed it up with matte medium, glueing it to page. Once dry, I painted it with the same colours. I figure it gives the PAC some good texture.
Next, I added gold dots, cut out an eye from a copy of one of my selfies, glued it to page, and found some phrases in an old book that pertains to eyes and seeing. 
Sewed around tag with metallic turquoise thread.
Dyed the silk ribbon with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray paint.

Opened up, and you see the monthly view. To see my process, see my previous post of my unPlanner.

For these last two weeky views, I used StencilGirl club stencils by Terri Stegmiller. 

This was for the challenge to use a stamp. I used a pool noodle to stamp the white circle, painted pink around with my fingers, pink painted dots, added stenciling with the same stencils I used in the previous pic -  Terri Stegmiller's gorgeous StencilGirl May club stencils in teal, then added white doodles with white gel pen.

Here is a new pic of the pocket with the third PAC completed. So YUMMY!!

This is the back side of the pocket. I will add the List10 tag to that when I get that finished next week.

And that's it for today's post. Thanks for visiting! :)

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥