Saturday, July 16, 2016

Christmas in July Blog Hop

Hi all! Welcome to the StencilGirl and Imagine Crafts Christmas in July Blog Hop! :)

I have had an amazing time with making my project for this fun hop. I have never participated in a Christmas in July project, so it was bit of a learning curve. But can it get any better? I get to play with my favorite stencils (from StencilGirl, of course!!) and some great products by Imagine Crafts! I am so excited to show you what I've made. 

Three things:

1. I love gelliprinting.
2. I love creating handmade books.
3. I have attempted a December Daily journal but I overthink my design every time, and so I don't get one ever finished during December, as it is a busy month!

So....this blog hop gave me the opportunity to pre-make one, and that's what I've done.

So the first pic is how my book looked originally. Then I got more ideas. And more ideas. So, it looks different now. I created more contrast and added some additional funky texture. Read on. :)

Step 1: Gelliprinted 15 sheets of white cardstock, BOTH sides. For this step, I did not spend much time thinking about the design of each print, I just got lovely textures, patterns and colours down.

 I used many different stencils (You will see them listed below.), using various colours of Golden paints including: Golden brand Primary Magenta, Teal and Turquois (Phthalo) and at least three crafts paints: Americana Bahama Blue, Americana Neon and Apple Barrel Fushia, plus white paint.

Decorative Folk Screen stencil by Gwen LaFleur.

Many more stencils and pages of course. 

Step 2: With metallic thread, I messily stitched each edge, somewhat along the paint lines on the edges of each print. (The 8"x10" Gelliplate is slightly smaller than the cardstock.)

Step 3: I folded each gelliprint in half, making signatures. Signatures are usually made up of several sheets of paper, but I pretended that each single sheet was one signature.

Step 3:Using the coptic stitch method, I stitched all the pages together with teal metallic thread. 

Now it is ready for my December Daily entries and the decorating!

You already saw the cover:

I added more detail to the initial gelliprint with paint and white gel pen. My favorite part: the puffy shapes you see!! THAT, my friends, was made with this fabulous magic puffy stuff called Amplify Neon by Imagine Crafts! I made a little video to show you how it works. See 


You doodle with it like you would a normal small-tipped bottle, and then you apply a heat gun to it until it puffs up. You stop heating it when it doesn't move anymore. So cool and so fun! See the product here: 

When cool, I added golden metallic paint to it. Yummy!

After finishing the cover, I was fully into Christmas themed mixed media and had to actually work on the inside of my book. 

I have always loved white Christmas trees with pink and turquoise decorations, but hubby prefers Charlie Brown trees, so that's what we always have. So why not use pink and turquoise to my heart's content on my journaling pages? I say YES!! So here are some in process pages:

See the yummy puff balls? That's the Amplify product. 

Well, I had more pages and photos to show you, but my phone is being glitchy tonight! I will blog more about this project soon.

Thanks for visiting and do not forget to enter the giveaway! ;) :)

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