Thursday, October 27, 2016

Layered Sunshine with Stencils in my unPlanner

Hi, all! 

I'm on Thursday Throwback on the StencilGirl blog today, along with three others of the creative team. Come see what we're all up to! :)

Throwback Thursday is about taking older stencils, and creating new things with it. :) 

My project of course, is my unPlanner, specifically the monthly calendar I make. 

Don't know what the unPlanner project is about? Check it out here:

Scroll down to see my step-out.

I shared my calendar in my previous post, and I mentioned that I didn't like the way it looked, so I've made changes now.

So here is the before:

And after:

I had used the Shattered stencil to create those orange rays over splattered ink, but I felt like it needed more.

I start by taking the Mandala #3 stencil and white paint, stenciling in "rays".

Then I go in with the calligraphy pen and "doodle" with black India ink.

Next, I take a little stencil with little semicircle shapes and stencil in the white areas with purple paint.

The Mini Diagonalz stencil comes next where I again, use white and tuck each diamond between the purple parts. (I masked off the whole area of the stencil so only the diamond is shown.)

I didn't like my lettering on the circle middle, so I took out my daughter's calligraphy pen and India ink. It takes practice to get a steady hand, but I am okay with it in the end. I wrote the lettering on a punched out circle of white cardstock and glued it into the center.

Lastly, with black India ink and calligraphy pen, I create lines of black dots to create more the look of sun rays.

I've been using reinforcements a lot on every page with my unPlanner, and this time I felt the rest of the calendar needed some lift, so these circles "spray" out. I like the sense of movement they create.

Finished! To see more of my unPlanner, go to my older posts, or click 

To see what this unPlanner project is about, visit the Art to the 5th Academy.

Thanks so much for the visit!
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