Thursday, October 20, 2016

More October Pages in my Unplanner

Still having a great time in my unPlanner. I haven't completed all the prompts, but I always enjoy creating my daily pages, so that's what I'm sharing today. To see what this project is all about, check it out below! 

My calendar took on a slightly different look this month. Instead of doodling every day, I am documenting a momentous occasion: our very first trip out of North America! Cancun, we'll see you in 2017! Whoot! :)

I used a few stencils here, with layering, and I still am not happy with how it looks, so I will add more elements around the circle yet. Not happy with my lettering! I keep on killing all my black markers, as I'm so impatient to write, that I don't wait for the paint to cure. grrrr I need to get out my fountain pen and India ink and try writing with that!

After I had finished this first layout in this style, I thought of Mary Brack's art journals! And here are her posts in the Facebook group. She regularly posted her DLP pages back in 2014, and I enjoyed each one. 

I decided to do a free write for each day of October. You might be wondering what is a free write. It simply is jotting down what you're thinking about, so off-the-cuff, not worrying too much about perfect sentence structure, grammar or spelling. I refer back to my notes in my Foxydori daily planner that I keep if I have to. It is in this style of writing I am capturing some thoughts from each day.

I included the introduction to a devotional bible study I am taking at the moment, as the words rang so true for me. Make it meaningful by including things that are close to your heart. I see so much of the treasures included from many of the members of the DLP Facebook group. I am always inspired by what you all include in your journals! Thank you! 

For the first few circle dates, I used leftover paper from the PAC I made, pictured further down. (See my previous post to see the paper if you're interested.)


For these rest of the circles, I created two more backgrounds in coordinating colours with lots of stenciling. My fave stencils for this project are the reverse grids and the August 2013 Club stencils! Dots are always good to add to, of course. ;) I have this thing about dots lately...

With the spines on this one, I used Carolyn Dube's fun Circles Layer Me stencils, then added more doodling with paint pens. I am reminded of Grandma's old vinyl flooring when I look at this.

Washi tape edges is always fun to do! The book text edges are actually just strips of book paper that I cut to the right size and glued on.

I've got each day ready to be journaled, but a little behind with the journaling part. I'm running out of the white gel pens! (I like to buy them in a pack. They aren't available here, so I always order them online.)

Thanks for stopping by to visit! I appreciate it! :0

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

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