Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rae's Art Marks Challenge Set 4


I'm still plugging away with Rae's challenge. I just finished Day16, so here I am blogging about the last four pages in my mini handmade journal. Having such fun with it, I don't mind how behind I am, and that everyone is on part two of the challenge already. LOL!

I have provided some in-process photos for some of these layouts. Here goes.

Day 13 Prompt: PATTERN


 I started with a gelliprinted background and covered most of it up with teal paint and purple and pink paint. I regret this, as I really loved the prints! 

I wanted to create a pattern with stenciled flowers, but it just wasn't doing it for me, so I covered the poor flowers up. I used the flower from the 9x12 stencil of the September 2016 club stencil from StencilGirl.

I hope to try this again with slightly different method and process. This is part of why I love doing challenges like this. I learn so much. Especially great working in an art journal instead of canvas. If you don't like the results, it's perfectly easy to just cover it up and start again. No pressure.

At this step, I was still trying to use the flower-look, adding smudges of blue paint.

Ended up with what I know well: handpainted roses.

Day 14/30 Prompt: DASHED

Before pic below:

I loved the print I had going before I even started on the prompt, so I left it mostly as is, except the few black dashes here and there. Loving the little page on the right.

I added a fun little Art Pops by Roben-Marie, which now makes the page tabbed. LOVING it. I downloaded them and printed them at a local print shop, but you can actually buy these cute artsy stickers. I am taking a class by RM, called Pop-Up Fringe Journal, and included in the class is the Urban Grunge collection as digital downloads.

Day 15/30 Prompt: LOOSE

For this prompt, I now had a little surface to work on, and framed in the back with the previous prompt finished on the left, and a blank page on the right.

I simply painted some loose flowers in white and added leaves and dots with brush, brayer and paint pens.

Day 16/30 Prompt: ASSORTED

Another little page, and loving it! :)


Painted the whole thing black. And this must be the middle of my book, as can you see my aubergine yarn, which binds my book? :)

Here I made little ogee patterns with a paintbrush, added little dots with paint pens and extra lines with pencil and a fine-tipped paint pen, ending it with some paint splatters. 
How I decided to do ogee patterns: I was oogling an ogee patterned LulaRoe Irma shirt on one of the Facebook groups I'm in. Ended up not buying it, as she doesn't sell to Canadians. :( Bummer. :(

And here's a closer-up:

And there are the last four pages I've done for this challenge. The rest will need to wait until I'm back from our Mexico vacation! Whoop!!! :)

Thanks for visiting me here! Would love to hear from you. Comments below welcomed! 

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

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