Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful You

I downloaded this free desktop from The Shabby Shoppe blog and just dropped the pictures in. Super easy scrapbooking! Personally, I prefer layouts more symetrical than this. I'm contemplating buying the kit that comes with all these delicious supplies, called Sprout, but do I really need it? :)

The pics are of me, my amazing sister-in-law and friend, and a Godly, someone-who-I-look-up-to church lady, who were both at last weekend's ladies retreat I attended. It was an amazing time of renewal and encouragement. BEAUTIFUL YOU is what it was called.

Next post will be of an annual scrapbooking project I'm working on.


  1. Beautiful you!....in many ways!...

  2. What a cool background, Anna! A cyborg is like a robot...and yeah, it might not be in the dictionary! LOL