Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Template Friday

Here is another one of my free FotoFusion (.Scrap) templates! I sure hope it works for you.

With a spot for many small photos, this template would be nice for a summary page at the end of a theme album, or perhaps an introductory page? I created a layout back in 2009 of my daughter using many small photos. I went through a year's worth of photos of her, and chose my favorites. It was called Beautiful You. You can see it here. Hmmm....looking at that layout, It gives me an idea for a new template. I will be creating six more one-page templates, and then I want to do a series of ten two-pagers.

Next Friday's template will be simpler and stream-lined; for all of you who prefer fast pages. This one is definitely not a quick page. LOL

Sorry, no layout sample this time. Maybe I'll have the time next week to upload one.


Click below to download template No. 14.

Again, please share the layouts you have created using  the templates with me. I'd LOVE seeing them! Have a great weekend!