Friday, November 26, 2010

Template 16

This .Scrap (FotoFusion) template would be perfect for scrapbooking little details. Details like your child's favorite toys.
Or how about your favorite twelve photos of the month? Like my sister and friend are doing every month of the year 2010. One of these days I will post pictures of that gorgeous project.

You even have room for a little bit of journaling. (Which is always high on my priority list when I create a layout.)

The template comes with a FotoFusion "smart" frame. Notice the beveled edge in the yellow background? The frame is actually applied to the brown paper, not the yellow. FotoFusion has 115 different frames you can apply to your papers. Another 151 that you can purchase are available as well.

So here goes:

See you next Friday?
Now I need to get back to the precious little kidlings that I'm babysitting. Gracie and Riley are so darling. (One just poked another in the eye.) Ouchies! Gotta go!