Monday, June 23, 2014

Funky tree. Please tell me if it looks like like a tree morphing into a lizard...

Seriously, does it look too weird? Does it remind of you a serpent? A lizard? Greek goddess' Madusa's favorite resting spot, perhaps? I guess it is okay if it does look like any of those, as I did mention a different reality...

I just love circles. I cannot get enough of them. Even the tree had to end up with them. It looked so PLAIN without them!

Challenge 13 of the DLP: Ask someone else to draw on your page - finish it.

Yes, I am doing the challenges totally out of order. Only doing the ones I feel inspired to do, or I might force myself to try one if I'm lacking creative mojo.

Background is a crazy gelli-print I did yesterday with purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows. Used a variety of circle stencils, a chevron, and string thrown on for added texture.

1. I cut out the tree my daughter drew. Yes, had her permission! She draws a lot of them, so she willingly relinquished one for my project. :)

2. Glued tree to Gelli-print with matte medium.

3. Colored in shaded spots with brown pencil crayon.

4. Took my water brush filled with Dylusions ink (Lemon Zest) and painted around the edges of the tree to add dimension.

5. With a Copic Blender pen, I made the yellow Dylusions ink blend a bit more into the background.

6. With a graphite pencil...


Okay. I'm back. Got distracted with David Garrett's fantastic soulful violin in the background.

6. With a graphite pencil I outlined the tree for even more dimension.

Man, he's good! Listening to his Beethoven's violin concerto Op 6 with Gabor Takacs-Nagy.

7. Now I started drawing orange circles with my Montana acrylic pen in Shock Orange, Shock Yellow and Shock Yellow-Light, adding dots and dabs as well. Outlined in most areas too.

8. Wrote my quote with a black oil-based Sharpie paint pen.

And that's it! :)

Happy creating!



  1. Super cute and I can tell that your daughter has some of her momma's talents!! :) Can I ask you...what do you use for your journal? I need some of those Montana acrylic pens! :0 :) Again thanks for the step~by~step!

  2. @Sunnyside Up, she loves to draw!

    I use watercolor paper, folded in half. Will bind into a book at the end of the year.

    I prefer the fine-tipped Montana pens, not the extra-fine.

    Thanks for stopping by!