Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rose. Rose Red.

The Documented Life Project's Week 26 Challenge - Add a bible verse that inspires you - or a line from your favorite book.

I love my flower. It's all loose and free looking. Who says you have to stay within the lines? I wrote my words overtop the music notes, which I must say, looks too chaotic. You have to look close to actually be able to read the words. It's hard to write over gesso. I used a black Signo 270 pen.

This rose page is the top part of my tip-in (the flap) that I attached to the right edge of the two-page spread. I will share the other side and the whole week spread when the week is over. :)

 Is it okay to do a challenge twice? Well, I did. I shared my other one on Instagram. This just came pouring out of me! The drawing took maybe 5 minutes. The adding of colors and little details a little longer. 

1. I drew the flower first, quickly and without much thought, then added color to the flower and stem with watercolor pencils. 

2. Over top the drawing and watercolor pencil, I painted clear gesso to cover the vintage music paper, giving it more strength. (I used clear because I didn't want the drawing covered.)The gesso made the watercolors blend. I applied the gesso very messily, not really caring if color went outside the lines. 

3. I added more pink with gel watercolor crayons, three different pinks and a red with Montana acrylic pens, and Dylusions ink spray dipped with brush, 

4. In the lighter areas, I applied Pearl Ex mixed with acrylic glaze for some shine. 

5. With a finger, I blended white gesso around the rose so that it would stand out a bit more. 

6. Then I splattered Dylusions ink all over the page.

For the words, I chose a paragraph from an extremely profound book called The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason. I am taking forever to read the book, as every line is filled with so much meaning. It's not a skimmable book!

Happy creating!