Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 23 of DLP Summary

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. :)

The right side of this two page layout is the tip-in, as described on the Art to the 5th blog and DLP project. :) A tip-in is a flap you attach to the edge and opens to reveal more pages. 

Underneath will reveal the facing page of my weekly pages (the 4th of June to the 7th). I printed three of my Instagram photos using Prinkl.  I didn't get a photo showing the whole page. Below is some of it as well as the Week 23 challenge on the opposite side of this page. 

So, when you open the flap, this is what is underneath. :) I am really explaining it in a confusing way, but I guess that's how my brain works. Teehee! Basically, when you open the flap, you have a three-page spread. :) In photo above, the right side is the third page. Week 23 Challenge was to write down one thing you are grateful for each day. Fun and important challenge. 
Photo below is a close-up of the middle page.

My sister and I finally planted my garden yesterday. Made a little chart of what is where. Very very pleased that I have a garden! Also planted Hops yesterday. So excited about those. Hoping they will creep to the top of the garage. Our house faces the east wall of our very white garage. {fingers crossed} 

On the opposite side of the little flap you LIFT, is the ICAD 2014 prompts. If you want to see my first three ICADs, go here. Still need to do four of them. I like to do them in batches, though it is meant to decorate one index card per day...:)

A close-up of my Week 23, (First week of June) header. Some fun zentangling of exploding hearts and bright neon pink to make it all crazy looking. :) 

Well, week 23 is done, on to the next week! Next week's challenge is to use book text. That's an easy one, as I do that all the time.  

Happy documenting but do not forget to make meaningful memories with your loved ones.
♥♥♥ Anna ♥♥♥


  1. This is awesome. I love your weekly layouts and your DLP prompt. They are so color and cute. =]

  2. I LOVE your style and your work truly inspires me!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for your compliments, @Cody Dell and @Roben-Marie! Appreciate your encouragement. :)