Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April in my unPlanner Part 02

Hello, peeps! Thanks for stopping by. Sharing my unPlanner pages tonight. 

For this week, I started with printing off the unPlanner blank weekly view download on white cardstock. 

Edit: I have added in a few more pages that I forgot to include in this post.

For this weekly view, I covered the pages with yellow paint, added swirls of other colors, stencilled with a StencilGirl number set, then dots using this awesome grafitti look stencil by Seth Apter. Stitching in black circles when completed.

I outlined each stencilled number with a white gel pen to bring out the numbers more. Now I have to journal on top of this. It'll be hard to cover up those numbers, I think!

 To see a tutorial of the page below on the left, go visit the StencilGirl Talk blog. It was one of the projects for my guest designer post there.

For the Week 2 PAC challenge, I added a high contrast black and white photocopy of my own face, stencilled on top of it in areas, did some doodling and of course, funky sewing.

April 17-23 Weekly view: I randomly brushed red paint on the card stock.

Next, I drew 7 circles randomly with a black Stabilo Marks All pencil. 

I handpainted the circles with white, orange and pink very loosely.

Then I stencilled pink paint through this awesome stencil by Mary Beth Shaw from StencilGirl. Basically covered the whole page with it in a very imperfect way, not worrying about lining things up, going around the circles. During this process, the stencil accidentally dipped into my pink paint palette and I didn't notice until I saw stray paint on areas of the page. Instead of having a hissy fit (teehee!) I chose to go with it. Peace, sisters, peace! ;)  

When everything was dry, I sewed messy circles with metallic orange thread loosely, doing the edges of the pages as well.

And again, I made watercolor bubbles for the reinforcement spine on a separate piece of watercolor paper, cut into strips, and glued to each edge of the weekly view.

Next, I took another stencil, this one by Suzi Dennis, from StencilGirl, and stamped white paint onto the circles, keeping to the edges in a curved shape.

For the dates, I punched out circles from a Gelliprint, doodling the numbers and an outline with a black pen. Filled in the numbers with a white gel pen. 

See HERE for more of my Gelliprinting projects if you are curious what they are. Careful, the link will lead you to a brand new hobby and it's addicting. Can't say I didn't warn you! ;)

For the final week of April, I used the same strategy for the weekly views, except with different stencils for the background, and a slightly different color emphasis.

I also added a "junqueartflower", which I learned to make in that Artsydori class I keep talking about by Cindy Gilstrap. Check our her blog HERE.

This wasn't one of the challenges for DLP, but I printed off a Yes Please list to document sweet family time we had on the weekend. I added some funky black flowers made out of cardstock and painted for the edge. For the edge this time, I stenciled in some fun designs using StencilGirl stencils.

For the Dare2B challenge, I just repeated my first one: Reliant on God. This is what I want to focus on the most in my spiritual walk with the Lord. Added some doodling, stenciling, and sewing for fun.

Some fun doodling on the edge on left page. :) 

.For the list Ten, I listed the ten people I would choose to have a round-table visit with. I chose people past or present.

For the background, I took a picture of the fabric I had designed to make an Artsydori, (see the end of THIS post to see) copied it to the computer, and printed it on cardstock. Voila. Pretty background. 

I added a yellow mini pom pom lace edge, and backed the whole page with a scalloped BoBunny kraft page, adding doodling, and some paint for more detail.

I made another copy of the flowers, and cut them out, and glued it to the back of the last weekly view, on top of a circle I painted and cut into a circle, with sewn edging.

Week 16 PAC, was to make a little pocket, which I did using scraps from a page I wasn't using (scroll down a little further where I explain it), and added sweet little photos from our nature walk on the weekend.

PAC Week 17 was to add numbers, so I simply wrote in a curve a song with a number in the title. I picked a song that is one of my favorites, and quite by accident, I was listening to this song a lot at the exact time I needed to come up with a numbers idea. :) 

While working on a weekly view, something didn't look right (can't remember what), so I redid the weekly but saved the old one and used it for this!    Wahoo! 

 PAC Week 18 was to use a color I normally avoid, and for me hands down, that is Vermillion, a warm red. I used Rae Missigmans's Puddles stencil on an almost-discarded Gelliprint I was using as underpaper. Added some more stenciling with Carolyn Dube's Circles Layer Me stencil.

Added some little dots in a row with a paint pen.

I used a narrow white ribbon, stitched pink thread along the middle, and pulled up the thread too ruffle the ribbon. 

And just for fun, a little flower, stenciled and doodled to decorate the back of the page protector where the PACS are homed.

And that is the end of my April pages. The day got too late to video a flip-through, but I hope to find some time tomorrow or later in the week to do that. I'll add it to this post, I think. 

To see the first part of my April pages in my unPlanner, go HERE.

If you would like more information about this whole unPlanner, please check out this amazing project by the Art to the 5th artists HERE! :)

Thanks so much for visiting, friends!

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♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥


  1. Amazing! The colors and all those circles are just screaming at me and filling my heart. Love it!

  2. Stunning - simply stunning! You continue to inspire and amaze me Anna! I love your colors and the way you tie everything together for the month! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am so inspired by your pages and the color combination is amazing!