Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May Weeks 3 and 4 in my unPlanner

Back again with more unPlanner pages. I'm starting to think these should all just be art journal pages, instead of a calendar. Not sure I want to write on these!

Go HERE if you want more information or to register for The Documented Life Project 2016: The unPlanner!

Been working like mad on a special project, so my blogging has fallen a bit behind. I'll give you a quick run down of these May pages.

May 15-21

These started as gelliprints. I sat, looking at the designs on the page, wondering how I could add more detail before making journaling spots. Then my mind went to the simplistic artsy flowers I have seen lately on Pinterest and Instagram. Like these designs: Country Flowers by Mia Charro.
I started painting some, and I found that I actually kinda knew how to do this! LOL! 

Lots of accents added with stencils from StencilGirl, namely this amazing set by Mary Beth Shaw!

I added some blending with paint and my fingers too.

Added lots of doodles with black sharpie and white gel pen as well.

May 22-28

1. I started with two Gelliprints. I used a few stencils for the gelliprinting. Mainly Circles Layer Me by Carolyn Dube and DNA Strands by Mary Beth Shaw.

2. I cut down the papers to fit my binder.
3. To unify the two pages, I pieced a part of the print of the left side to the right page. 

4. I used a handmade flower mask to outline the flower with a black Stabilo All. 

5. I activated the pencil to get a messy look. 

6. I took purple, pink, white and aqua paint and brushed the flower petals and center to add color and layers. 

7. Added some stenciling with a StencilGirl mini stencil to the petals. 

8. Made green circles for "leaves" stemming out from the flower. 

9. Messily scribbled around the flower and doodled circles all over. 

10. Added lines for the days with a black Stabilo All. 

11. Sewed around edges and the lines with black thread. 

12. Added circle days from a printable. 

13. Outlined them with the Stabilo too. 

14. Wrote in the days of the week with a black Pitt pen.

I have a similar tutorial for flowers like these HERE.

And there are two weeks in my unPlanner. I'm a little behind with the challenge part of this project, which I hope to complete next time I post here on the blog. :)\
Thanks so much for visiting!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥

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