Friday, May 13, 2016

May Week Two unPlanner Pages

I'm back again with my unPlanner pages, this time with week two. I just might blog every week if I keep this up! ;)

For more info about this unPlanner project, check out the Art5 website HERE

I kept it simpler this time. Still using the same colors like last week. Same idea as well.

I started with two Gelliprints again, same as last week. My Gelliplate is 8"x10", and I used 8.5"x11" cardstock for the printing, creating a white frame around the print. I took advantage of this and used it as part of my design. I sewed around the edge, following the natural "frame".

I used the same stencils for the gelliprinting as I did in the previous week: the Circles Layer Me and Puddles by StencilGirl.

Next, I added the numbers by Right Brain Planner and days of the week from the Art5 unPlanner Kit.

I outlined and created squares with a black Stabilo All pencil, activating the pencil lines with wet brush. I let it dry. Well, semi-dry. You know how impatient we get...

I painted each date circle with my five colors of paint.

I added stencilling all over the place with StencilGirl stencils.

Layers of stenciling, then added more detail with white gel pen. I first stencilled with gesso, then layered color over the gesso, which helps to make the colors pop more.Makes a big difference, especially for the yellow, as yellow tends to be quite transparent. The purple too.

Left side:

Added gel pen to the black lines and scribbled around the circle dates too.

I painted the white reinforcements with purple, then stencilled with white, purple, white, then purple again.

In the photo below, bottom left corner, there is this fun white design in the background, right? That's the coolest stencil ever. It's called Shattered, designed by Lizzie Mayne.

Here's the right side of the layout:

In top left corner in photo below, is the cool Shattered stencil again.

Had to include a picture of some of the stencils I used. :)

And there it is: Week Two.

For more info about this unPlanner project, check out the Art5 website HERE

In other news, I now have the calendar I use for my unPlanner available to you as a free download. Check that out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your unplanner is gorgeous. Really enjoyed reading how you created the pages and techniques used. You must be very patient to post all those steps as you move along with the design.