Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gold and Pinks in my unPlanner

Hi, all! I'm excited to announce my first post as a member of the design team at StencilGirl! See it HERE

For those of you who have not come from there, go check it out! :)  I share a page in my unPlanner that goes with the one shown below. :)

So, now that you've been over at StencilGirl, check out the next pages I've made.

I will demonstrate how I made these two pages for my unPlanner. One 8.5"x11" sheet of cardstock equals to two pages for my binder, in a flip-out format. 

I start by making a few Gelliprints using the same stencils and four colors of paint and white as I did for the page on my StencilGirl Talk blog post. 

These are the stencils I use:

I look at this design and think that I want the gold lilies to stand out more, so I paint baby pink around the center lily, as the background is meshing too much with the lily. I use the stencil itself to mask off the gold so I can paint more easily.

Next I see that I want a more prominent pink lily on top left corner, so I smoosh paint onto the stencil and lay it top side down on paper to print. It worked!

Next, I add more light pink to the gold one on the right...

Now to the one pink one in the top left corner.

Next, I take the Fibonacci stencil and dab pink through, placing it in three areas on the page, as I like creating visual triangles.

Next, I lay down the arrow, part of the cut-out stencil I masked off, as shown at the StencilGirl blog.

Another one on left side of page.

Next I doodle with a white gel pen to make the teal arrows pop.

Can you see the difference?

Next comes the yellow paint, smudges into background with fingers.

Then my favorite addition: the scallopy shapes with white paint over the yellow through the Half Moon Slant stencil.

And over the pink Fibonacci design on lower left side of page.

See it right on the left edge?

Then I go in with my white gel pen again and trace the shapes and gold paint through the Kilim piece with the flower in random areas.

And I'm finished with decorating the page. 

Next, I paint the weekly download from Arttothe5th unPlanner project, 
cut out each "day", sew to an 8.5" x 11" kraft colored cardstock, 
stencil a few images onto the days, 
add the day numbers, 
print off another tag from the kit, stencil it with the Flicks stencil -light pink on brighter pink, 
sew with blue thread all around, 
adhere the kraft paper to the back of the Gelliprint just demonstrated above ^^^,
punch a hole through the front flip-out part, and string through painted up ribbon.
and add a gold binder ring strip.


The first week of June faces the monthly view flip-out. To get your own frint print-out of my doodley calendar, go HERE.

And this is what it looks like semi-closed: To see my step-out for the page on the left, go to the StencilGirl blog HERE.

My next unPlanner blog post will be close-ups of this next page in my art journal:

If you would like to know more about the unPlanner concept, check out the Art to the 5th Academy!

Thanks so much for visiting!

♥♥♥  Anna  ♥♥♥



  1. beautiful! I love your colors for this month!

  2. Awesome Anna!!! You make magic!!!

  3. My stars Anna, it literally is like looking at candy! It's so beautiful, well done!

  4. I hope you do a flip thru soon for us! I'm dying to see all your delicious pages in your Unplanner!